Albanian-American children from Huston, Texas, win the day on this November 28th

Albanians all over the world have celebrated today their national holiday, known also as the Independence Day of Albania and the Albanian Flag Day.

The pandemic denied our community their annual massive dinners and celebrations, but people all over the United States found ways to celebrate nevertheless.

Judging from the avalanche of photos and videos posted on social media, I have no doubt that the winners are the children of Huston, Texas, who donned beautiful traditional costumes, Albanian flags and t-shirts with Albanian themes. They sang and danced, and had a great day all around.

We are grateful to the association Arberia Huston, for their gallery of photos on social media, which brought near to the entire community and the Albanian world, the joy of the youngest Albanian-American generation.

The Albanian community in Texas is spread out also to Dallas, San Antonio etc. The Huston community hosted also a zoom party, in which at least one hundred households were expected to join as well as a car parade downtown.

“This is the best we can attempt during this unfortunate global pandemic. We care about our community and hope everyone always stays safe,” was their message in the community board.

We selected some of the photos from the Albanian-American kids in Texas celebrating our national holidays. For more, don’t forget to follow and befriend the wonder Arberia Huston on Facebook. (Ruben Avxhiu)