– As long as the EU and the USA are willing to continue with the appeasement of Serbia, there will be no agreement and no solution to the Balkan conflict

New York, January 21, 2022

Agim Aliçkaj, MA

Honorable Representatives of the QUINT Countries and the EU,

         I am writing to you with great respect and to kindly ask for your consideration to change the approach to the conflict in the Balkans due to the obvious lack of progress. The policy of appeasement of Serbia has failed completely. It has only helped Serbia continue with their destructive behavior and destabilization of the Balkans. It will never work. And, it is very unlikely that Serbia is going to move away from Russia. Serbian politicians are lying to you that they would. They are masters of deceit and manipulation.

         Most of the more than 30 agreements signed are not implemented by Serbia. You are pressuring Kosova to implement only one harmful unconstitutional agreement for the formation of a “pure ethnic Serb association”. How is it possible to claim a multiethnic state with purely ethnic entities? This makes no sense and is against your proclaimed values and policies.

         Your joint statement regarding the referendum on constitutional changes in Serbia was unfair and unfortunate. It was clearly another step in the wrong direction.

         No-one in Kosova was stopping Serbian minority who lives in Kosova from voting in their country of Serbia. The Prime Minister of Kosova Mr. Albin Kurti told the president of the European parliament Mr. Josep Borrell that they can vote by mail or the Liaison office in Prishtina. There was another even better and easier solution which was finally used, to vote by just crossing the border. 

         Everyone knows that voting is a sacred right. However, it is not a right to be exercised by any country inside another country. The problem is that Serbian politicians have been trying to use the referendum to reinforce their claim that Kosova is part of Serbia. The referendum has failed because Serbia is a failed, aggressive, uncivilized state that doesn’t know its borders. Serbia needs help to be cured from the illness of hating other surrounding nations, trying to dominate them and grab their lands.

         Your call on both governments of Kosova and Serbia “to refrain from actions and rhetoric that raise tensions and to engage constructively in dialogue through the EU” is nice but it is not helpful at all. It is not based on the current reality. The facts are that Kosova has been complying with these requests for 22 years and getting no credit. It has made so many concessions in the hopes of constructive and fair solutions for nothing. However, Serbia has used all these years to not comply with anything.

         Equipped with heavy weapons from Russia, Serbia has been encouraged to even threaten Kosova with the use of force. And still is being tolerated, unconditionally, endlessly and unnecessarily.

         Serbia’s corrupt, possibly criminal politicians are pursuing Milosevic’s agenda. Kosova is included in their constitution as a part of Serbia. Even though you have recognized Kosova’s independence 13 years ago you have never seriously pressured Serbia to change their false constitution.

          You have given no attention to the rights of the Albanian people living in Serbia. Can they also have an Albanian ethnically pure Association? Or even simpler, can they have the right to learn their national history, use national symbols and return home from abroad when they want?!

        The new leadership of Kosova is a shining example of an un-corrupt government. It would be wise and beneficial to support more seriously President Vjosa Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti in their quest for democracy and use it as an example for other countries in the Balkans. They are following with dedication the glorious peaceful path of the legendary President Dr. Ibrahim Rugova.

         The Republic of Kosova is an American investment and European interest. Why aren’t you trying at all to protect it, against Russian interests? Why aren’t you stopping Aleksandar Vucic and Edi Rama, the two most corrupt and dangerous rulers, who are trying openly to put the Balkans under Russian hegemony?  Why are you not pressuring the five EU countries who have not recognized yet the independence of Kosova, to do so? Where is your promise about visa liberalization?

         The inefficient and unacceptable European policy in the Balkans (with few exceptions) is no surprise. It has tolerated or enabled Serbia to commit 3 genocides against Albanian people (1887, 1912, 1945). Only on the fourth genocide in 1999 did Europe take action against Serbia, thanks to American NATO leadership.

         As an Albanian-American, who loves America so much, I am surprised and very disappointed to see America going along with the present European failed policy in the Balkans. There is hope that the new Ambassador to Kosova, Mr. Jeffrey Hovenier, will be able to make significant changes and improvements. He said all the right words in the commemoration of the Reçak massacre, one of so many Serbian atrocities for which no-one was brought to justice. Serbia has yet to be held responsible for causing four terrible wars in Europe.

         The biggest mistake that corrupt, blackmailed past governments of Kosova and Western diplomats have made was to allow Serbia play the role of the “victim”. Even worse is the false equality between the right of Kosova to exist and protect itself, and Serbia’s efforts to attack and eradicate it. The Serbian destruction and hostility has been accepted as normal, while Albanians have always to be “very nice guys” ore else.        

         The so called “established practice” of submission to aggressive Serbian hostile demands is over. The time of corrupt, sellout and servant politicians of Kosova has passed. The new government is from the people and for the people, for the country and for the nation. I wish that you would seriously consider not to put them in a difficult position and yourselves in unpleasant situations, with unfair and unjustified requests which they are unable to accept.

         The people of Kosova are moving fast toward democracy, human rights, diversity and inclusion. They will never accept any kind of domination by criminal chauvinistic Serbia. No border changes, no Serbian “ethnically clean” association and no takeover of orthodox Monasteries who are Kosova’s treasure. They have compromised more than enough with Ahtisaari plan. All of you have been part of this unprecedented compromise to get independence.

         The problem is with Serbia, not Kosova. It has still to embrace democratic and human values of the western civilization. Only strong real economic and diplomatic pressure on Serbia and the real dialogue between equal parties may bring a lasting solution. Kosova can live without the recognition of independence by Serbia as long as it is needed. 

         The Albanian people are a peace-loving nation with great tolerance for different races, nationalities and religions. They have given the world two historical figures of global proportions. Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg, a symbol of bravery and the fight for freedom. He protected Europe from Ottoman Turkish invasion for 25 years. As well as, Saint Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, a symbol of love, goodness and peace around the world.

         The people of Kosova will strongly stand up to any efforts by Serbia to attack their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Republic of Kosova has paid dearly for its freedom and independence with many sacrifices and the blood of thousands of martyrs and civilian victims. The legendary commander Adem Jashari and many fighters of the glorious Kosovo Liberation Army fought and gave their lives for it. They will never give up their freedom, their homes and their ancestry land, in any way and under any circumstances.


Agim Aliçkaj

PS. Please note that I am not directly affiliated with the Government of Kosova or any political party in the Albanian territories in the Balkans. These are my own views and opinions based on facts and the reality. This sentiment is widely shared and believed by the vast majority of the Albanian people around the world.