Buta Biberaj: An extraordinary journey from Albania to becoming the first female Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County in Virginia

By Ruben Avxhiu Buta Biberaj was only 3 year old when her family crossed the pond and immigrated to the... »

Raising Funds and Cancer Awareness, AFC Hits All the Right Notes at Boston Gala Concert

Rafaela Prifti To raise funds in order to benefit patients, caregivers, survivors, Albanians Fighting Cancer (AFC) USA hosted a concert... »

Albanian American Community Calls for Immediate Action Against Serbia for Inciting Violence and Attacking NATO Troops in Kosova

We are witnessing disturbing acts of aggression perpetrated by pro-Russian, organized groups from Serbia against NATO peacekeeping troops, journalists, and... »

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors calls on the international factor to maintain neutrality

Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the recent situation in the north of Kosova. The Council of Albanian... »

The Outcome of Local Elections in Albania: Testament of a Failed Democracy

By Cafo Boga This past Sunday, on May 14, 2023, Albanian citizens voted for their mayors in local elections. Preliminary... »

Washington goes full bore Belgrade

By Daniel Serwer Secretary of State Blinken today tweeted: We strongly condemn the actions by the Government of Kosovo that... »


The Association of Serbian municipalities is unreasonable, unnecessary and dangerous    By MSc. Agim Aliçkaj          An extremely important hearing was... »

What the State Department forgot to say

By Daniel Serwer This morning’s Chollet and Escobar pas de deux at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee demonstrated that the... »

The fraught relationship between Kosova and Serbia, a major obstacle to enduring peace and prosperity in the Western Balkans

 Testimony for Deputy Assistant Secretary Gabriel Escobar Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on U.S. Engagement in the Balkans May 18,... »

US Lawmakers Advance Legislation to Prosecute Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

WASHINGTON U.S. lawmakers are set to advance legislation Tuesday urging President Joe Biden to create a special tribunal that would... »

Father Nikodhim gets a Farewell from New York St. Nicholas Orthodox Church to start as Bishop of the Albanian Archdiocese in America

Rafaela Prifti On Sunday, the congregation of Saint Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church hosted a farewell luncheon for their pastor Father... »

Ylli Bajraktari, the Keynote Speaker at RIT Kosova (A.U.K) Commencement Ceremony and Gala Dinner Event

A successful Albanian-American executive in the field of national security in the United States RIT Kosova (A.U.K) has the distinct... »

In Memoriam Frederik “Fred” Stefani – Tribute to the Human Side of Immigration

Rafaela Prifti Frederik Stefani is a good example that denounces the false dichotomy of America as either a nation of... »

Well-known Albanian composer, Thomas Simaku, as completed his residency at Ithaca College New York

Thomas Simaku has completed his residency at Ithaca College New York, as part of his award The 2022-23 Karel Husa Visiting... »

Despite improved rankings in Southeast Europe the 2023 RSF Index shows media in dire situation

The report ranks Albania in 96th place in 2023 but the RSF states that “editorial independence in Albania is threatened... »

A delegation of former U.S. Ambassadors will visit Albania, Kosova, and North Macedonia

Interview with Ambassador Timothy A Chorba, President of the Council of American Ambassadors On May 5th, a delegation of the... »

In Memoriam – Hekuran Zhiti’s Embrace

Rafaela Prifti On the 112th birth anniversary of Hekuran Zhiti, let’s take a moment to let him know he is... »

The Kosova Hyland Peace Concert is coming to the Parthenon in Rome

Organized by the prestigious Bartolucci Foundation, sponsored by the Albanian Diaspora Business Network (ADBN), and supported by Illyria newspaper Ruben... »

“We remain vigilant, cautious and skeptical,” Kosova Minister Gervalla spars with Serbian counterpart at the UN Security Council

Rafaela Prifti     Today’s briefing at the UN Security Council by Special Representative of Secretary General and Head of the... »

In Memoriam Bardyl Tirana: Fortunate to have worked with him on Kosova

I had the distinguished honor of meeting Bardyl Tirana in the early 1990-s. He was a true gentleman and a... »


TIRANA–Bardyl Rifat Tirana, 85, died at his home in Nyack on April 22, 2023, with his wife of 37 years,... »

The decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Another good news for Kosova

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the decision dated April 24, 2023, of the Committee of Ministers of the Council... »

Multilateralism has been and remains indispensable to promoting peace and stability

Remarks by Ambassador Ferit Hoxha at the Security Council Open Debate on Effective Multilateralism Let me start by thanking the... »

Does Love Overpower Defiance in the end? Visar Zhiti says: Yes

Rafaela Prifti At Michigan University Ann Arbor “Lets Save the Poems” was a one-hour talk by Visar Zhiti, a celebrated... »

Our relationship is with the people of Albania, not with one party and not with one person

Transcript of Interview of DAS Escobar with Grida Duma, Top Story, Top Channel Grida Duma: Mr. Escobar, welcome to Albania.... »

Pope Francis presides over Easter Sunday Mass

As the Church celebrates the most joyous day of the liturgical year, Pope Francis presides over Mass on Easter Sunday... »

Russians Accused of Doctoring Leaked Western Documents on Ukraine War  

Washington — Classified U.S. and NATO planning documents related to the war in Ukraine have appeared on social media, prompting officials... »

Fantasy diplomacy is failing to appease

By Daniel Serwer Chris Hill, the American Ambassador to Serbia, tweeted Friday: “I’ve dedicated my life to diplomacy – to... »

Time has come for the West to get tough with Serbia

EU and US have been generously trying to accommodate Serbia and have received very little in return – it is... »

With your help, we can finally ensure justice for the Bytyqi family

Dear Friends and Community,I’ve mentioned to many of you a very resilient family that I’ve been working with for almost... »