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Chi-cow-go is Just a Big Cow Town
-Mooer Daley

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This is how the cow looks before an artist wrangles it.

<sob> The cows are gone, but they still live on in cyberspace! </sob>

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Detail of "Don't Blame Daisy" 180 E. Chicago

My mother was confused.  This is a close-up of the side of a cow.

This is one of my favorites.  It is an image of the Old Water Tower (which survived the fire) in the foreground and the burning city in the background.   I believe this is a copy of a drawing that is at the Chicago Historical Society.

The spots on this cow all have images of the fire.  It is quite appropriately sited by the Old Fire Station on Chicago Ave.  The cows eyes mirror the city to come that will grow out of the cinders, quite literally as the area to the east was reclaimed from the lake with rubble from the destroyed city.

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This is not from the cow with the fire spots,
but it should have been! 
Here is the cow with the lantern

What's with these cows?

This has replaced "Where is the Water Tower shopping center" as the number one question asked by tourists (traditionally asked while across the street from the Water Tower shopping center.)  The cows are a whimsical sculpture project sponsored by the city of Chicago and a business organization.  It shows what happens what you give an artist a cow canvas and some cash.  They are in the words of my British friends, "brilliant."  The cows will be here until the last roundup on October 31 and it is hard to see how the city will top this for ice breaker, tourist draw, and just downright making you feel good about living in the Big City.

Please note the cows do moove around!  You can get a cattle-log (really!) at the Tourist Center as a finding aid or you can give the Streetwise guy $1 who sells them on Michigan Ave.  Or just walk around and be surprised.  The cows are in buildings, on buildings, down in holes, in the air, and sometimes underfoot.

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Moo-re Cows! 

FACTOID!  Mark your calendar! July 14th is Cow Appreciation Day!  
Send a Cow Appreciation Day Card
to, hmmm, well, just send one because they are cute and to honor the day.

Here is a plaintive e-mail a tired cowboy sent to the City:

I like the cows, but I have noticed they keep moving around. The carousel cow that was on the State Street bridge is now by the water tower. One of the 3 cows outside Nieman Marcus is now inside the store. The Suitcase cow has moved from the water tower to the pumping station . . . a Cow that I saw in Daley plaza is now at Michigan & Chicago (outside the walgreens) . . . When is all this moving around going to end?  I have been taking pictures of all the cows I have found (and able to get to) and all this mooooving around is frustrating.  Also, I still see new cows showing up (like the one outside Disney Quest) and ones not listed in your listing (like the one in Sotheby's window). When are all the cows going to stabalize and I can see what is there?  Thanks

The City responds:

I doubt if Cows On Parade will ever be "final." It is a work in progress.

Cows have legs. They move about.




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