What a Long Strange Trip . . .
27th Surg, Chu Lai

Photos and information provided by Chris Banigana

The nurses depicted are "Blanche" and "Maude" which are "chosen" names ... I was "Hester" ... we were the "three ladies from the Bronx" except that none of us ever lived in the Bronx, and I was the only one from the "east" coast ... it's a long story but it has to do with our habit of hangin' out on the second floor of the "long house" and hollerin' at the folks at the long house across the way ... it was part of the imagery created by the release of MASH and a stereotypic raucous behavior.  The Red Cross sent us a movie projector ... and as I recall, we had two movies ... MASH and Night of the Living Dead ... art very much influenced life ...

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