What a Long Strange Trip . . .
8th Field Hospital, Tuy Hoa

Photos and information provided by Chris Banigan

When the 27th Surg was closed, most of the staff went across town to the 91st. but, as usual, I was behind the door when the orders were passed out and I was shipped off to TuyHoa. I hitched a ride on an LOH down south and was dumped off on the PSP. I then got ride on a passing jeep which took me to the 8th field hospital in TuyHoa. When I arrived, the facility was essentially empty with only a small staff to close up the facility . They suggested I head back up to DaNang and get another duty assignment. So, I spent the night and then got a lift to the PSP again and hitched a ride on another chopper and waundered about country via LZ English, Hawk Hill, QuangTri, DaNang, and finally back to ChuLai ... it was a very confusing adventure and I'm not sure the exact order ... I simply went where ever the transport would take me.

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