What a Long Strange Trip . . .
18th Surg, MUST Camp Evans

Photos and information provided by Chris Banigan

The MUST was deflated in November 1969 and moved north to QuangTri to take over the IIIMAF....which was not called the 18th Surgical Hospital.

Mail Call Halloween 1969 Camp Evans
PJ R.( formerly of Pleiku), Sheri M, Ann C., Marsha T., Col. Casey's head (Chief Nurse), Sheila H., and Cindy

Marsha T. was part of the original dirty dozen who moved to the 18th and QuangTri to staff a 100 bed facility plus a pediatric wing! We were a hardy bunch ... we worked hard ... we played hard and when it was necessary, we were all up to our ears in whatever needed to be done!

This was taken on an outing to go shopping but for the life of me, don't know where we were going ... possibly heading for Hue. We had two flat tires on the road and finally ended up at a tire repair shop but I don't remember where. We were actually traveling with two other nurses - Major B and 2ndLt Sheri M. The nurse standing with me is Joan P. who was with me at the 18th in Evans and then went to Pleiku. We at the 18th MUST lived at Fort Trouble and our jeep was named Fort Trouble .. and we drove that poor little jeep all over country from Hue to QuangTri ... we were a bunch of naive free spirits with very little discipline but that's another story.

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