Congressman Gary Peters met with Albanian Ambassador to U.S.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Gary Peters met with Albanian Ambassador to the U.S. Gilbert Galanxhi to discuss the upcoming Albanian elections and long-term, multiple-entry visas for those seeking to travel to Albania. Below is a breakdown of matters that they discussed.
§ They discussed recent events regarding the Albanian Central Election Commission
§ The makeup of the Central Election Commission has been disputed because an official backed by a party which left the government for the opposition was replaced by Parliament.
§ Congressman Peters believes it is important the rule of law is followed to maintain the legitimacy of the elections.
§ Ambassador Galanxhi also requested support for long term, multiple-entry visas
§ These visas would permit U.S. visitors to stay in Albania for at least 5 years and would not require any U.S. legislation
o This process would make it easier for U.S. citizens seeking to stay for more than 90 days in Albania.
§ Congressman Peters supports efforts to facilitate legitimate trade and travel with Albania, and will work with allies in Congress towards this goal.
o Long-term, multiple-entry visas would encourage more visits to Albania and allow those in U.S. Albanian communities to visit family members for an extended period of time with as little difficulty as possible.
§ Congressman Peters extended his thanks to Ambassador Galanxhi for his continued friendship and their frank discussion of these important issues. They pledged to continue to work closely together to support the U.S.-Albanian relationship.