Crockett the Norwich Terrier! and Crockett's little sister Guinness!

(Note the "w" in Norwich is silent! Listen . . .)

2003 Brad Smith

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2002 Marilyn Knapp Litt

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Instruction in Sticks from Cisco, The Master

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Movie Time!!!

  We DON'T Share! (we are norwiches) (09/01)   Shayna Teasing Sprockett (09/03)
Demonizing the Enemy (10/01) Refereeing Puppy Class (06/01)
End of the Easter Chick  (04/01) Recess at Puppy Class (06/01)
Love in a Box - Crockett in a Cameo Role (05/01)   Run Around! Run Around! (05/01)
     It's MY Stick (05/01)   Tug-O-War (05/01)
We Have Met the Enemy & He is Us! (09/01) Jump, Jump, Jump (05/01)
Bad Boyz (09/01) How Puppies Spend Their Day - Other Than Peeing!  (05/01)
Beware of Dogs (09/01) Two Against One (05/01)
Little Singers (09/01) World's Best Dog Toy (05/01)
Just Chilling (09/01) Meet Crocket (04/01)
Attack of the Giant Weimaraner Puppies (07/01)  

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Breed Popularity per AKC
Ranked 103 out of 150 for year 2002 with 507 dogs registered.
Ranked 102 out of 148 for Year 2000 with 456 dogs registered.



Norwich Terrier Links!

About our Wonder Pups!

Stuff to Buy

See the "tips" section below with a list of breeders

BEWARE: Unscrupulous breeders are selling mixed breed or Cairn puppies with docked tails as Norwich Terriers.

Books, Videos, and  (sometimes) Calendars
How to look for a Norwich from Norwich Tales "Yo-Yo Kidnapped in Provence" - strange but true story of a photographer's Norwich that was kidnapped and held for ransom.  The text isn't great, but I enjoyed the photos
AKC description of the breed Pin & Necklace
The skinny on these great little dogs Jewelry

This is, on the whole, a very, very healthy breed - unlike some other small terriers that have problems.

More Jewelry
Why you should consider carefully whether or not  to give your Norwich the lepto vaccine.  This is the sad story of a Norwich that died from anaphylactic shock.

Ask your vet about the prevalence of the leptovirus in rats in your neighborhood.  Lepto is very serious but if your dog will not be exposed, the greater risk may be the vaccine.

Norwich Terrier Gifts and Collectibles
Holistic medicine & natural rearing (Norwich Tales) Bronze Hook
Embroidery & Drawings


Miss Vicki takes it all off! Norwich Cross Stitch
Grooming tips Highwood Norwich Kennel Stuff you can buy with Norwich terriers on it
Velvet Painting

Just Looking - Pictures of our Furkids

Wood Carvings
The Incomparable Twix Painted Tiles (Select Dogs as Category and Norwich as Design
Nigel & Divot Norwich Tales
Vindla - Football Player!

Discussion Lists

Paisley & Sydney Discussion on Yahoo Groups - everyone is welcome
Knut Nillson's Viggo & Friends Norwich Terrier Home Page
Penny List of lists on Yahoo


Norwegian Club Site with excellent photosMiddle Kingdom Alliance of Norfolk and Norwich Terriers
Norwich Clubs
Bluebonnet Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club

Looking for a Puppy?

Tips on finding a Norwich Terrier:

Check out the web site of the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club (NNTC), the parent club for these breeds.  See particularly and send for a list of breeders.  (Here is another good list.)  IT is very important to buy from one of these breeders and to get AKC (or the Canadian or UK equivalent) papers ONLY!  Several people have recently bought "Norwich" terriers which turned out to be Cairns with their tails docked.  They paid Norwich prices though!  (Cairn puppies can look quite similar to Norwiches -except for the long tails, but the adult dogs are bigger.)  Check out the latest news on unscrupulous dealers.

Join a discussion list before you buy, and tell where you live and what sort of dog you want - puppy or adult, pet or show quality.  You need to be informed before you buy; maybe a Norwich is not the dog for you.

Be advised that any money questions have to be discussed offline. Of course these little pups are hard to find with about 200 small litters a year in the U.S., so be prepared for sticker shock. I just amortize them over a lifetime of love. Expect also to be quizzed by the breeder and you may need to provide references. This is definitely a seller's market and reputable breeders are very careful where they place their little ones.

Also go to dog shows in your area and talk to Norwich owners.  Many owners of pet quality (as opposed to show quality) Norwiches made the contact they needed to get a dog at a pet show.

Following are some breeders.  I do not vouch for or against them.  Use them as a starting point, but check thoroughly.  A reputable breeder will be checking you as hard as you are checking them!

US & Canada Around the World
Wisconsin Breeders Worldwide
Highwood Norwich Kennel Wild Witches - Netherlands
BluWater Norfolk & Norwich Terriers TerrieRags
Michigan Little Tramont - Switzerland
Breeder listing on DogBiz Villa Eckbacken
Canadian Breeders Norsweden
Yahoo Listing

Tributes to those who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge

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