Divot's "Crockett FAN CLUB!"

FROM A FRIEND: "I have discovered that Divot (my 3 year old female) LOVES the Crockett movies! She is absolutely mesmerized by them. Whenever I start them, she gets very close to the screen and her head tilts from side to side. What's really amazing is that after I log off, she continues to hang around the desk sitting on the floor just staring up at the computer wistfully.


I don't think my husband believed me so I had him get into your website with her on his lap and I caught this picture of them. I thought you might like to see it. We have to hold her to keep her from climbing on to the desk! Perhaps she'll start a fan club! Sadly, I don't think that Nigel (my 3 year old male) has much interest in the art of film making."

MY COMMENT:  "I can't believe Crockett was there!  It is usually just that pathetic flat cat toy on his empty blanket.  The photos & your account are hysterical!"

Crockett gets real interested when I show him these photos!

If I don't watch it, my flat panel monitor will be even flatter . . .

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