Pan-Albanian American Congress (PAAC) Meets with 5 State Department Officials, Requests Assistance in the Procurement of Covid-19 Vaccines for Kosova

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 – The Pan Albanian American Congress (PAAC) met with 5 State Department officials today following a request that the organization made to Secretary Blinkin for assistance in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines for Kosova.

Attending the meeting on behalf of the State Department were: David Kostelancik, Director for the Office of South Central Europe, Bureau of European Affairs, Michael Konstantino, Deputy Director, Ilan A. Goodman, Senior Kosova Desk Officer, Wendy Rejan, Kosova Desk Officer and Malikat Rufai, North Macedonia Desk Officer and Backup Albania Desk Officer. 

In addition to the discussion on potential collaboration on assisting Kosova in the procurement of vaccines, the participants also discussed the many issues facing Kosova and the region including the dialogue, the Specialist Court, the Bytyqi brothers, upcoming elections and Justice  reform in Albania, the census in Northern Macedonia, passivization in Presheve and increasing instability in Montenegro.

Mr. Kostelancik thanked PAAC for its engagement and offered collaboration on the many issues facing the Balkans.

PAAC is a non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the common ideals of the Albanian and American people.