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In-home pet care, elder care
and concierge services
north of Loop 1604

Pet sitting/dog walking at your home

Dana is an experienced animal rescuer, who has been a professional pet sitter for ten years, and who will spend quality time with your dog or cat. Dana is able to work with big dogs, unfriendly dogs and shy cats. She has a natural affinity for animals and vice versa.

Dana is able to administer medication, including insulin.

You may elect to get text or e-mail updates if you are out of town. Dana will pick up your mail, newspaper, and packages,switch the lights on and off, and move trash cans to make it appear as if you are not away.

She has a back-up sitter in case of emergency.

References available. Resident of Timberwood Park since 2000
Dana is known throughout the nieghborhood for helping with wildlife problems
and lost and found animals. She often gets calls from strangers who have questions about animal behavior.

Pet Care & House Sitting includes

  • all pet care (including medication & nursing)
  • mail, package & newspaper pick-up
  • taking out the trash & other home security measures
  • turning on & off lights & music
  • plant watering
  • garden care

A Day in Pet Sitting

Typically I will come and meet your animal before the first time I pet sit. This lets your dog or cat meet me under less stressful circumstances. It also allows us to meet each other and make sure I have all the information I need, such as your vet's contact information and alarm and gate codes.

I will spend the time needed to care for your pet. The amount of time is usually a minimum of 30 minutes per visit, but it depends on how many times I visit as well as how long you are gone. The last visit could be a quick one to let the dog out before bed - that should not be playtime anyway.

I spend the most time with the dog during the day when the weather is at its best. If someone is gone for a number of days, I may take a book and spend an hour or so reading in the house to create a more normal environment. Even if a cat is hiding, this may be reassuring.

I take the cats lead when interacting with a cat. I don't force myself on a cat, but if a cat wants to be played with cuddled, or petted, I do that of course. A number of my clients have been surprised to find I have made friends with their usually shy cat.

I am a keen observer of animal behavior and have noticed injuries or illnesses that the owners were unaware of. Of course, depending on the circumstance, I contact the owner for guidance. But if necessary, I will go straight to the vet.

De-Skunking on Demand!

Will come to your home bringing a tub and everything needed to clean up your smelly dog. (No, tomato juice does not work!) --In the unlikely event that your dog is skunked while I am pet sitting, there is no extra charge. : )

$30 de-skunking fee before 10:00 pm, $40 after 10:00 pm

Elder Care Services Include

  • taking you to a doctor appointment
  • taking you shopping
  • caring on a short-term basis for people who may not be left alone (I cared for my late husband who had Alzheimers)
  • giving that vital break to caregivers

References available.

Concierge Services Include

  • shopping
  • errands
  • home secretarial
  • organizing & decluttering
  • keeping tradesman & repair appointments

References available.


Updated 11/17/2011