• The direct US involvement in Dialogue and solution to the conflict between Kosova and Serbia is essential


New York, January 3, 2022

Dear President Biden,

         As many other Albanian-Americans, I voted for you in the 2020 presidential election, even though I am a registered Republican. My vote was based on the great respect for your long time service to the American people and two very important issues – one domestic, one international. The domestic issue was focused on bringing the American people together after years of extreme divisiveness; and the second was the hope that you would give better attention to the situation in the Balkans. I believe that the first one needs more time since it is ongoing process. Unfortunately, for the second issue, it seems we are nowhere near any lasting solution.

         In my first open letter sent to you shortly after you became a President, I laid out reasons why the US and you personally need to get directly involved in the Balkans. I am providing the link, since all of the arguments made then, are still valid today.

         Since that letter, the chauvinistic hegemonic country of Serbia, supported by Russia, is continuing its destructive behavior, with open hatred and enmity against Albanian people, as well as destabilization of Kosova, Bosnia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The leaders of Serbia and potential criminals Vucic, Dacic and Vulin are pursuing the same policies of their mentors – war criminals Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic. They are working closely with Russia and China against the interests of the US and EU in Southeastern Europe.

          Western diplomats have been trying unsuccessfully to win over Serbia from their alliance with Russia and China at the expense of the Albanian people. Mr. Josep Borrell and Mr. Miroslav Lajcak in charge of Dialogue, are acting more like Serbian agents than unbiased mediators. With five European countries not recognizing the Republic of Kosova, EU will never be able to bring to any solution. The representatives and the people of Kosova have very good reasons to distrust EU. Historically Europe has tolerated or enabled three genocides (around years 1887, 1912, 1945)  committed by Serbia against the Albanian people.

         The USA is the only hope for any long term solution to the conflict. However, the policy of your Administration in the Balkans, even after the newly appointed Ambassadors to Prishtina and Belgrade as well as the experienced, competent Envoy to the Western Balkans Mr. Gabriel Escobar, is still very unclear and unstable.

         There is not enough support by the US for the uncorrupt, highly educated, very experienced, pro-western leaders of Kosova, the President Mrs. Vjosa Osmani and the Prime minister Mr. Albin Kurti. After more than a decade of mismanagement by former corrupt governments of Kosova, they are trying very hard to fight corruption, develop the economy and build democracy, while standing-up to the Serbian efforts to destabilize and destroy the country.

         They are trying to do everything right in close coordination with the West and are getting little or no credit. Serbian rulers led by Vucic are working with Russia, and doing everything wrong in every way possible and are getting away with it.

          The Dialogue between Kosova and Serbia, mediated by Europe for 13 years has failed. Most of the 30 signed agreements are not being implemented by Serbia. European representatives are pressuring Kosova to honor only one unconstitutional harmful agreement for the formation of “ethnically clean Serbian association”. A multiethnic country with ethnically clean entities does not make any sense. It is against American and European values and policies. Some are also supporting the Serbian atrocious idea for a border change and division of Kosova. With these propositions, the Government of Kosova is essentially being pressured to accept the destruction of their own country.

         Our US representatives are going along with this unfair, unjust and totally failed policy. Please Mr. President, ask them not to pressure Kosova leaders to create ethnically clean Serbian association and discuss any form of border changes. They will not and cannot accept it, betraying the interests of the state and the nation. That is why they were elected. Moreover, the people of Kosova will never give up their freedom.

         The September 4th 2020 Whitehouse agreement, organized by the pro-Serbian undiplomatic US Ambassador Mr. Richard Grenell is also a failure in so many ways. The so called “Agreement for economic normalization” is not workable as long as Serbian aggressor does not recognize the right of the victim (Kosova) to exist. Even worse, equality between the right of Kosova to seek recognition and arrogant unjustified desire of Serbia to block it was wrong and offensive. The only good thing about the meeting in Washington was the long time overdue recognition of the Republic of Kosova by Israel. Kosova has opened the Embassy in Jerusalem while Serbia has yet to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

         The reality is that Mr. Grenell orchestrated the agreement for former President Trump’s campaign need to claim that he is a great “peacemaker”. All Serbian-Americans supported Trump. Almost all Albanian-Americans (Democrat and Republican) supported you. We won and they lost. The purpose of the Washington agreement has ended with your election as the President of United States of America.

         The Decision by the State Department to declare “Non Grata” several Serbian bosses of organized crime in Northern part of Kosova is very important. It will definitely help with fighting corruption and organized crime, as well as developing democracy in the Balkans. More criminals and corrupt leaders of the Balkans should be put on the list.

          Even without Serbian recognition of Kosova independence, the Republic of Kosova is in the right path to become a stable democratic pro-Western country. The main obstacle which is making everything more difficult is the destructive behavior of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama. After failing to divide and destroy Kosova, they have come up with another very perfidious project, so called “Open Balkans”. This is another attempt to isolate and dominate Kosova, create the monster of “Greater Serbia” as well as bring Albania and Serbia under the Russian block. 

         The majority of the Albanian people are against this dark project. It reminds them of the “open boarder” policy between communist countries, proclaimed by communists during and after World War II, which cost Albanian people more than 50 thousand innocent lives. This was the Serbian third genocide against the Albanian people.

         Vucic, Rama and many other government officials serving them, are also heavily involved in corruption with ties to the criminal elements in both countries. They are undermining democracy and working directly against the EU and US interests in the Balkans. They must be stopped. They are very good candidates for “non-grata” status.

         The declaration “a person non-grata” by the US of the former anti-communist pro-American leader of the Democratic Party, Mr. Sali Berisha who held both positions of the President and the Prime Minister of Albania appears to be unnecessary and not beneficiary to the US interests in the Western Balkans. Of course, it was within the rights of the State Department to do so and they do not have to document their decision. 

          But, even after seven months, there are no reliable proven facts of his corruption and any criminal behavior. By our US standards anyone is innocent until proven guilty. He was out of power for eight years. It is not my intent to defend Mr. Berisha. Rather, I would like to point out his role in the post-communist era. He oriented Albania completely to the West, by joining NATO and getting visa liberalization. His supporters all-over Albanian lands are anti-communists and most pro-American, many of them political prisoners and people who lost family members at the hands of communists in Albania.

          Most of the Socialist Party members including PM Rama have nostalgia for the communist era and tend to be more pro-Russian than pro-American. The alternative to Mr. Berisha within Democratic Party of Albania, Mr Lulzim Basha has shown to be very weak and a failed leader with no leadership characteristics. With all the good and the bad, Mr. Berisha and his supporters appear to be our best bet in Albania at this time. We are hoping that the future would bring better uncorrupt leaders in Albania, the likes of Mrs. Vjosa Osmani and Albin Kurti in Kosova.

         In conclusion, it is a fact that Albanian people love and respect America more than any other nation on earth, while everyone knows that the majority of the Serbian people would always side with Russia over America. This will never change.

         In order to protect American strategic interests and bring its investment in Kosova to a successful conclusion, it is time for the US to get directly involved in the dialogue. It is time to give the most pro-American country in the world membership in NATO, convince the five remaining EU countries to recognize Kosova’s independence, approve visa liberalization and start the long process of Kosova’s entry in the European Union. Only America, led by you Mr. President, can do it.

         The Albanian nation has been unjustly, inhumanly divided and living in 6 different countries in the Balkans. All Albanian people want is to be able to exist and live freely in their homes in their ancestry lands, to have their human and national rights preserved everywhere, to be able to cooperate with each other and breathe as one nation of the same blood, language and national background.

Happy New Year 2022 Mr. President!

May God bless you, your family and the American nation!

May God bless the Albanian nation!