SENATOR ROBERT DOLE: An Homage to an American Hero

By. Christopher Hyland, KS

After all is respectfully said and done dutifully honoring all those involved in so many productive and meaningful ways, it was the great friendship-one that predated the Clinton Presidency-that existed between Senator Bob Dole, who has just died, and Jim Xhema, and then, importantly, with President Rugova, that served as foundation corner stone for what was at first great American concern, then growing support, and finally unreserved support for Kosova as that country moved toward independence.

Senator Dole significantly animated on going events, including decisive ones before, during, and after the two Clinton Administrations, in support of Kosova. I was aware of Senator Dole’s remarkable years long efforts, my having begun my own Kosova and broader Albanian and Serbian work in Clinton world even before the first official Clinton for President Campaign began.

In Bob Dole’s death an American War Hero of the highest order, and a Proponent of Freedom of the highest order makes his way to Glory.

It was an honor to have met him, and it was an honor to have worked for the same effort in the cause of freedom. Aside from the dignity and respect manifest in titles bestowed, and statues erected, I am confident that Senator Doll’s greatest wish is that Serbs and Albanians make their way to Peace. Failure to do so in good order, in good measure, will have rendered the efforts of Senator Dole, Jim Xhema, President Rugova, and those efforts of countless others, to have been spent in vain. Senator Dole received two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, sacrificed significant lifelong body mobility due to war injuries combating Fascism, served America in countless national leadership situations, and supported the hope and realization of freedom beyond American shores, Kosova the fulcrum of those efforts.

In Bob Dole’s death an American War hero of the highest order, and a Proponent of Freedom of the highest order deserves, by way of tribute, to be memorialized by a lasting Peace between Kosova and Serbia.