The Truth About Caroline
Illustration by David Reddick © 2003
Everyone in Lauraís grandparentsí backyard is dead.

If that wasnít enough to deal with, the house she is visiting for two weeks is in the process of being renovated from a old church; her cousin, Al, is haunted by a six-year-old poltergeist; and the boy sheís falling for is her best friendís boyfriend.

As Laura and Alís grandmother forces them to spend time together, the poltergeistís frenzy heightens.

The girls are then swept away into a terrifying mystery that is more than 100 years old and will not only mend their differences but will change their lives forever.

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Stacey M. Lane Grosh

CHAPTER ONE ~ from The Truth About Caroline

My grandparentís backyard is filled with dead bodies. I am in their spare bedroom, sitting by the window, and all my eyes will focus on is the sunken rows of ground before me. The headstones are decaying. Thick chunks of stone and grass spot the gravesites. For the next two weeks, I will be sleeping twenty feet away from the dead.

My dadís parents bought an old dilapidated church about six months ago and are attempting to reconstruct it as a home. The sanctuary is now the living room, the nursery is the kitchen, the pastorís study is grandma and grandpaís room, and the Sunday school room is the extra bedroom. Thereís even an old storage shed in the back. They removed the steeple but kept the stained glass windows and the graveyard. Mom says, "They canít just up and move the bodies. Itís against the law." So theyíre just going to keep these strangers in their backyard! The Truth About Caroline
Illustration by David Reddick © 2003

Itís only 9:30 p.m., and my grandparents are already in bed. Old people are strange. Itís summer. Youíre supposed to stay up late. They told me to be in bed by 10, but I wonít be. How can they expect me to sleep with those people outside my window? Anyway, I donít need a bedtime. Iím not a kid. Iíll be 14 in two and a half months.  Read more . . .

Stacey M. Lane Grosh © 2003


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The Truth About Caroline The illustrator of Stacey M. Lane Grosh's young adult novel "The Truth About Caroline" has taken a job working for the fattest and laziest lasagna-eating cat in the world. David Reddick - who designed the cover for "The Truth About Caroline" and the inside illustrations - is now a contributing writer and artist for Jim Davis' cartoon strip Garfield at Paws Inc., Muncie, IN.


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