January 30, 2004

The Truth About Caroline
by Stacey M. Lane Grosh
illustrations by David Reddick

Discover the truth

Award-winning journalist's young adult novel The Truth About Caroline sizzles with excitement

Remember being 13?

Emotions soaking out your ears? Parents oblivious to how important it was for you to live your own life? Well, add in dead people in your background, an unfamiliar rural town and a six-year-old poltergeist and you've got the new thrilling young adult novel by Indiana author and journalist, Stacey M. Lane Grosh.

The Truth About Caroline (February 2004, $11.95, PublishaAmerica; 93 pages; ISBN: 1-4137-0514-6) by Stacey M. Lane Grosh thrusts 13-year-old Laura Chewatski into a tiny town in Indiana that is haunted by a child poltergeist. Laura is plucked from her comfortable home in Cheyenne, Wy. and dumped at her grandparents house for two weeks. Their home is in the process of being renovated from an old church and the backyard is filled with gravestones dating back hundreds of years. Then the poltergeist begins to wreak havoc on Laura's life and she and her cousin are swept away into a terrifying mystery that will change their lives forever.

Stacey is homegrown in Indiana as well. She is a native of Marion and now lives in Muncie. She is the features editor at The Herald Bulletin in Anderson earning more than a dozen state journalism awards in the last four years. The Truth About Caroline is her first novel.

The Truth About Caroline is illustrated by David Reddick, a nationally syndicated cartoonist and artist with his single-panel, off-beat cartoon, Reddick's Rhetoric. David is a contributing writer and illustrator for Garfield at Paws, Inc.

The Truth About Caroline is available for purchase through PublishAmerica, Frederick, Maryland 
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