Thank you for your service Ambassador Çitaku

By Harry Bajraktari

I would like to thank Ambassador Vlora Çitaku for her service as the representative of Kosova in the United States.

Ambassador Çitaku who recently completed her diplomatic mandate has worked hard to promote Kosova and strengthen the friendship between our two nations.

She will be especially remembered for her great speeches in the United Nations where she faced Serbian leaders and in particular the former Foreign Minister Ivica Daçiç.

In Washington, Ambassador Çitaku established great working relationships with both Republican and Democratic Administrations setting a great example for Kosova’s diplomats abroad. A dynamic ambassador and a friend of the Albanian-American community, she has been swift and creative in responding to Serbian misinformation and has educated the American public and politicians on the history of Kosova’s fight for freedom and independence.

On behalf of myself and of the Albanian-American community I wish her success in future endeavors. I am sure that she will continue to work tirelessly in whatever capacity to make Kosova a better country.

Harry Bajraktari is founder and publisher of Illyria newspaper (1991-1998), an Albanian-American community leader, philanthropist and recipient of many awards, including the Honor of the Nation Order by the President of Albania, Kosova’s Presidential Medal for Merits & the White House Presidential Call to Service Award.