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Small Press BookCampbell, John
They Were Our Ours: Gloucester County's (NJ) Loss in Vietnam
[author's website]

"John Campbell has just completed his most important Vietnam mission: with a relentless persistence and passionate dedication he found the families and friends of every soldier who was lost from Gloucester County and let them remember the soldiers they loved the most. THEY WERE OURS will bring a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. But you won't put this book down without feeling proud, enriched, and awed." -Laura Palmer, author Shrapnel in the Heart

Cammermeyer, Margarethe with Chris Fisher. 
Serving in Silence

This interesting memoir is about a woman who had a stellar career as a nurse in the military until it came out she was gay.  She then fought the attempts to have her discharged.  One chapter deals with her time in Vietnam. Made into a TV movie with Glenn Close and Judy Davis.  

Did you experience discrimination in the military because of sexual orientation?  Col. Cammermeyer is researching a new book; "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

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[paperback]  [paperback] [paperback]

Carlock, Chuck
    Firebirds : The Best First Person Account of Helicopter Combat in Vietnam Ever Written

This immodestly titled book is an account by a pilot who was with the 71st Assault Helicopter Company. I have it, it looks pretty good, but I haven't read it yet.  Published Aug. 1997.

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Carroll, Gerry
    No Place to Hide : A Novel of the Vietnam War

Published December 1996. Apparently a suspense thriller. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Castle, Timothy
    At War in the Shadow of Vietnam : United States Military Aid to the Royal Lao Government, 1955-1975

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Catherall, Don R.
    Back from the Brink : A Family Guide to Overcoming Traumatic Stress

An excellent book by a Vietnam veteran (Marines) who now counsels veterans. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Chalsma, H. W.
    "The Chambers of Memory : PTSD in the Life Stories of U.S. Vietnam Veterans"

Case studies of veterans with commentary.   I just glanced through the book, but it appears no women were interviewed.  Feb 1998  

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Chanoff, David & Toai, Doan Van
    Vietnam : A Portrait of Its People at War

Published September 1996. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Chong, Denise
The Girl in the Picture : The Story of Kim Phuc Whose Image Altered the Course of the Vietnam War 

An Amazon review: "The photo of Kim Phuc running in terror from a napalm attack is one of the best-known images of the Vietnam War. This book looks behind the photo to tell the story of an ordinary peasant thrust into the spotlight and how her life was forever changed by the click of a camera. It reveals how Kim Phuc was used as a propoganda tool by the Vietnamese and how she escaped to a new life in Canada. And it offers fascinating insights into how journalists covered the war how that one photo also changed the life of the photographer who took it."

This book also covers the story of the soldier who apologized to Ms. Phuc in DC a few years ago.  

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Clark, Thekla
Children in Exile : The Story of a Cross-Cultural Family

Sep 1998 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Clements, Millard and Steve Cohen
Was the Vietnam War Legal?

June 1991 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Clodfelter, Michael
Mad Minutes and Vietnam Months : A Soldier's Memoir

Published September 1996. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Small Press BookColeman, Horace
In the Grass

Published May 1997. 
I liked this poetry.   He has touched a lot of hearts.

Colvin, John
Giap : Volcano Under Snow

Published August 1996. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France


United States United Kingdom Germany France

Crouchet, Jack
Vietnam Stories : A Judge's Memoir

This is about court martials apparently. Published Oct. 1997. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Culbertson, John J.
Operation Tuscaloosa : 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, at an Hoa, 1967

June 1997 

United States United Kingdom Germany France

Cummings, Dennis J. ed.
The Men Behind the Trident : Seal Team One in Vietnam (Special Warfare Series)

Published April 1997. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France




Small Press Book Cunningham, Mike  [author's website]
Walking Point

$17.50 for each book (includes shipping):

Mike Cunningham
25 East Hoyle St # 128
Norwood MA 02062

Currey, Cecil B. with John Keegan
The Man Who Defeated America : A Biography of General Vo Nguyen Giap

New York Times: Assiduously researched and engrossing. September 1996. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Cutler, Thomas J.
Brown Water, Black Berets : Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam

United States United Kingdom Germany France

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What does Suggested Reading mean?  It is just my very subjective list of the top ten books to read about the Vietnam War.  I list them here.

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