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Davis, Cortney & Schaeffer, Judy (editors)
    Between the Heartbeats

This is a book of poems and short essays by nurses. It is not a book of poems about Vietnam, but several of the authors are Vietnam veterans. I include it because it is a remarkable book and almost all of the poems are of a very high quality.  It is the first anthology by nurses.  ow the editors are working on a sequel. 

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Dean, Eric T.
    Shook over Hell : Post-Traumatic Stress, Vietnam and the Civil War

Published Oct. 1997. 

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Small Press Book Deardorf, Barbara, Diane DuPont, Linda Goodheart, Rhona Prescott, and Ann Thompson

Another Kind Of War Story: Army Nurses Look Back To Vietnam

Poems, reminiscences and photographs compiled by four nurses.  It's a good book and I recommend it.  Prescott was with the Third Field Hospital, 616th Clearing Company; and 85th Evac.

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Debenedetti, Charles
An American Ordeal : The Antiwar Movement of the Vietnam War

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Dell, Diana
    Memories Are Like Clouds

Set in East Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, in the 1950s, Memories Are Like Clouds is a touching childhood memoir of a sister and her brother, who died in Vietnam. This poignant baby-boom story, filled with memorable characters, is a fond remembrance of growing up in small-town America when life seemed simple.  

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    A Saigon Party (And Other Vietnam War Short Stories) [website]

Short stories drawing on the author's experience with the USO in Vietnam.   This book is great fun.  The introduction is worth the price.   Many of the stories are tongue-in-cheek but always with the uncomfortable recognition that sometimes she is kidding on the square.  This is one of three fiction books I am aware of by women who were in Vietnam.   

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Detzer, David
    An Asian Tragedy : America and Vietnam

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Dickerson, James
    North to Canada

Booklist says: "Of the approximately 191,522 Americans who fled from the U.S. to Canada to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War, a significant number did not return, even after amnesty was granted by President Carter. "  This is a book by a man who went to Canada and he tells the stories of others who left the U.S.  Some of the reviews are critical, but readers seem to like it.

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Do, Kiem and Julie Kane
    Counterpart : A South Vietnamese Naval Officer's War

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Doolittle, Hiland B. [website]
The Last Parade

This is a novel about Ben Cat by a veteran.  The readers who wrote to Amazon liked it. 

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Drew, Paul
After the Storm: A Vietnam Veteran's Reflections

Includes a discussion of the run up to the war, the author's service with the 2nd Platoon, A. Co., 3rd Bn., 21st Inf., 196th Light Infantry Brigade (66-67) and life after the war. 1999

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Dunn, Joe and Gerold Starr
    How the U.S. Fought the War

June 1991 

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What does Suggested Reading mean?  It is just my very subjective list of the top ten books to read about the Vietnam War.  I list them here.

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