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Jason, Philip
Acts and Shadows: The Vietnam War in American Literary Culture

In "Acts," Jason provides formal and cultural readings of combat narratives--by such authors as James Webb, Larry Heinemann, and Joe Haldeman--and explores the meaning of "authenticity" as applied to Vietnam War texts. "Shadows" looks both forward and backward from the combat zone, challenging the parameters of what we define as "Vietnam War literature." Jason brings to the fore the literary treatment of Vietnamese Americans; he explores the representation of the war in contemporary detective fiction, focusing on the work of James Lee Burke; and he raises questions of genre and canon by placing Korean War and Vietnam War fiction side by side.

Two final chapters on teaching the literature of the Vietnam War make this book a particularly useful reference for teachers. As a new contribution to the contemporary debates on authority, authenticity, and canonicity, Acts and Shadows is crucial reading for scholars and students of American literature in the twentieth century and beyond. (from the publisher)

Fourteen Landing Zones : Approaches toVietnam War Literature
A popular anthology of literary criticism. The selections are all quite readable and will add to your understanding of the critical analysis of Vietnam War literature. Many familiar names in the field are included.

The Vietnam War in Literature (Magil Bibliographies)
"Annotations...are models of their type -- descriptive, evaluative, accurate, and literate. They reveal the depth of Jason's knowledge of this subject and the quality of his thinking about it. This is one of those few reference books that can be read painlessly." John Newman in Journal of War, Literature, and the Arts.

Retrieving Bones : Stories and Poems of the Korean War (edited by Phillip K. Jason with W.D. Ehrhart)
An anthology of short stories and poems to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Yes, I know it is not Vietnam, but it is an important book, long overdue, and well done. I was surprised at how much of the poetry reminded me of literature of the Vietnam War. Jul 1999

Jenkins, Dennis
F-105 Thunderchief : Workhorse of the Vietnam War

  This appears to be a rather thorough heavily illustrated book on the "Thud" beginning with its design and production.  2000

Jensen, Kathryn
Sing to Me, Saigon/a Folksinger, Wife, a Nurse, Friendship Formed Amidst the Heartache of Vietnam

A novel.  1994 

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Jensen-Stevenson, Monika
Spite House : The Last Secret of the War in Vietnam

About Robert Garwood, purporting that he was framed and that the U.S. military sent assassins to kill him. If this is true, it is a very shameful story. The "New York Times" says she makes a strong case.  This is one of the better selling books on my website.   1997  

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Jorgenson, Kregg
The Ghosts of the Highlands : 1st Cav Lrrps in Vietnam, 1966-67 

Kregg P. J. Jorgenson spent seven years in the U.S. Army; three as an infantryman, four as a journalist. After surviving a number of missions as a LRRP with Hotel Company, 75th Infantry (Airborne), Jorgenson transferred to Alpha (aka Apache) Troop, 1st of the 9th Air Cavalry unit, where he walked point for its reaction force, the Blues. 

 Acceptable Loss

Per Amazon: The true-to-life story of a Ranger who volunteered to serve on a Blue Team in the Air Cavalry.  The author says: "This book actually came out in paperback in 1990 and in 1996 won the Bernal Diaz Award for Best Military non-fiction. The hardcover editor was released in 1997 by the Military Book Club. I'm very pleased that it is still in print and pleased with the readers who have helped keep it in print. "

 Mia Rescue : Lrrps in Cambodia

Per Amazon: "Describes the ordeal of members of a Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol team after they are ambushed in Cambodia, as well as the heroic, ultimately successful attempts to rescue them against all odds. Reprint. "

Kregg Jorgenson is clearly popular with his readers.

Just, Ward
A Dangerous Friend

A novel about an American civilian aid worker in Vietnam in 1965.  I enjoyed it.  

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What does Suggested Reading mean?  It is just my very subjective list of the top ten books to read about the Vietnam War.  I list them here.

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