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Nelson, Theresa
And One for All

Juvenile literature. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Neu, Charles E., Editor
After Vietnam : Legacies of a Lost War


Newman, John
Vietnam War Literature : An Annotated Bibliography of Imaginative Works About Americans Fighting in Vietnam

1996, Third Edition. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Ninh, Bao
The Sorrow of War : A Novel of North Vietnam

Now here is a strange book by an NVA soldier. It was a bestseller in England, but seems to have only been noticed by scholars here. It is a novel, clearly autobiographical, and either deliberately fragmented or heavily censored. Either way I found it a very interesting disturbing story. It astonished me to hear him describe the victors as unable to find work, not able to fit in a society weary of war stories, and suffering from ailments that did not trouble the civilian population. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Nolan, Keith William
Death Valley : The Summer Offensive, I Corps, August 1969

Into Cambodia : Spring Campaign, Summer Offensive, 1970

"This is combat narrative at its best. Nolan has mastered the soldier's slang and weaves it expertly into the account...full of combat anecdotes detailing battlefield leadership successes and failures."--Military Review 

Norman, Elizabeth
We Band of Angels : The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese

This is, of course, WWII, not Vietnam, but I have heard so much good about this book that I had to include it.  Some of the reviews were mixed, but I have to go with word of mouth on this and it is very positive.  She has interviews interwoven with the history. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France


smallpress.jpg (2364 bytes) Nguyen, Tin and Battreall, Raymond R. 
Major General Nguyen Van Hieu, Arvn 

From the press release:

This biography depicts ARVN Major General Hieu under different facets: his personal life, his military career, his military exploits, and his unjust death. It reveals General Hieu as an unsung hero, whose tactical and strategic skills put him among the best soldiers of modern times, at par with General Rommel of Germany, Patton of the United States, Montgomery of England and Leclerc of France.

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Women at War : The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam

A bit dry, but well worth reading, especially as there are so few books on women in Vietnam.  1990  

United States United Kingdom Germany France



   Norris, Robert W. [author's website]  [interview]
Looking for the Summer

This novel is by a conscientious objector who served time in prison.  His novel is about a CO, now released from prison, who is traveling from Europe to the East.  I enjoyed it and although it is in part about the characters rootlessness due to his being outcast from his family, I found it to be more of a travel adventure story.  Travel literature is a genre I enjoy and I have read nothing quite like the chapter which is an account of a drive to Iran.  

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Nugent, Nicholas
Vietnam : The Second Revolution

Dec 1996. 

United States United Kingdom Germany France



Nye, Jim
Aftershock : Poems and Prose from the Vietnam War

United States United Kingdom Germany France



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What does Suggested Reading mean?  It is just my very subjective list of the top ten books to read about the Vietnam War.  I list them here.

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United Kingdom





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