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Videos about women who served are also HERE . . .

Some Special Videos!

Vietnam: A Television History  American Experience [website]
This is the complete seven volume series originally broadcast on PBS in 1983.  You may also order volumes separately below:
Dear America - Letters Home From Vietnam (1988)   [paperback]

I highly recommend this documentary made from the book.  The film uses archival footage very effectively combined with actors reading letters written home by men and women serving in Vietnam. 

tvhistory.gif (7585 bytes) Vol. 1: Roots of War/The First Vietnam War 1946-1954
Vol. 2: America's Mandarin/LBJ Goes to War
Vol. 3: America Takes Charge/America's Enemy

Vol. 4: Tet 1968 & Vietnamizing the War 1969-1973
Vol. 5: Cambodia & Laos/Peace Is at Hand
Vol. 6: Homefront Usa/End of the Tunnel Vol. 6: Homefront Usa/End of the Tunnel Vol. 6: Homefront Usa/End of the Tunnel
Vol. 7: Legacies
Vietnam-Ten Thousand Day War

This is the entire video set.  It is a well thought of series from 1980 

Vol. 1    America in Vietnam, Dien Ben Phu, 
Vol. 2    Days of Decision, Uneasy Allies
Vol. 3    The Trial, Firepower
Vol. 4    Siege, Frontline America
Vol. 5    Soldiering On, The Village War
Vol. 6    Peace, Surrender,  The Unsung Soldiers

The Anderson Platoon

This is the documentary of an infantry platoon that won an Oscar in 1968.  It is one of the better films about the war.  What you see is real.


smallpress.jpg (2364 bytes) No Time for Tears: Vietnam-The Women Who Served

This is the documentary shown on PBS in conjunction with National Geographic.  It covers all women and is very well done. 

 Small Press Book

Wizard, Brian
Brian Wizard's Twentieth Century Anthology
[author's website]

This must be the must unusual item on this website.  Per the author : "Five novels, a video documentary and an eleven-song music CD . . . includes   the amazing Thunderhawk video documentary ,which is composed of actual combat footage found in the first novel, Permission to Kill."    [hardcovers+video+CD] (Big discount if you buy direct from the website above.)

  84 Charlie MoPic

This is a documentary style film about an army camera crew following an infantry platoon.  It's pretty good.

smallpress.jpg (2364 bytes) A Healing

Apocalypse Now  Redux  [soundtrack]

I liked the movie and the cinematography, but it is not about the Vietnam War.  NOW I said that when I saw the original version - the Director's Cut seemed to me more about Vietnam and less about Conrad.  So pick your poison.

Best of Nightline: Vietnam Movies: The Way It Really Was

Video China Beach - Pilot Episode

I pondered a bit before offering this video, but I have been contacted by a number of people (particularly teachers) who are looking for it.  However, fair warning, many of the women veterans I know do not think this is at all accurate.  I invite you read the reviews at Amazon and to leave your own review  See also "Citizen Jane: China Beach, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and U.S. Popular Memory" by Kim Heikkila,

Deathdream (aka Dead of Night), 1972, Canadian

I just had to add this creepy B (if that) horror film to my list, even though it is not available on video.  It's pretty good, all about a returning veteran.  Here is a review.   Don't read them and spoil the shock if you intend to see the film.  (AKA "Dead of Night," "Night Andy Came Home, The," "Night Walk," "Veteran, The," "Whispers" and who knows what all else.)

The Deer Hunter

Go Tell the Spartans

I have never seen this Burt Lancaster film.  It is set in 1964 and I have always heard it is very good.  According to Amazon, the author of the novel likes the movie better than his own book!

Good Morning Vietnam  [dvd wide]  [soundtrack]

This is the popular Robin Williams film about an armed forces disk jockey in Vietnam.   I thought it was nothing special, but hey, I'm not a movie critic!

In Country [video]  [DVD]  [video en espaniol]

An inexpensive video.  Nothing special, but not awful either.  Bruce Willis is in it, but he is not as annoying as usual.  The book is very good.

  Purple Hearts

Ace surgeon Don Jardian and nurse Deborah Solomon conduct a star-crossed romance while stationed at different bases during the Vietnam War. According to Leonard Maltin's review on Amazon,  "What starts out as good bread-and-butter story gets worse as it goes along toward silly conclusion. Overlong, to boot."  You are better off reading a book I think! <G>

 Secrets Of War: Vietnam (1998) [DVD]

This documentary is, per Amazon,  "the remarkable story of hidden supply highways, underground cities, covert camps and double agents." 

[A Soldier's Sweetheart video based on "The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong]  

Disappointing.  The ending is a mess.

Oliver Stone films.  My vet friends really hate these movies.  I haven't seen them.

Born on the Fourth of July   

Heaven and Earth  [DVD]

Platoon  [DVD] is available, BUT a the captain of the real platoon has written a book

DVD Collection of 10 Oliver Stone films

The above movies, I know about.  The movies below, you are on your own and let the buyer beware.  According to my video expert, the same footage is repackaged and sold over and over.  If anyone can provide information on the films below, I would be happy to move them up to my list of videos I can vouch for.  My video expert says:

These people are sneaky - they even take PORTIONS of the original government films to make new ones. Regardless of how they do it, you still end up with the same stuff. Some companies buy their competitor's tapes and simply copy them  and put them in a different box with a new name. Of course each time you copy a tape the quality gets worse and I swear some of them I've gotten are copies of copies of copies.

Their Own Vietnam

Spirited interviews with five veterans are intercut with rare archival images and home movies to explore the day-to-day experiences of these women as nurses and officers, as well as the war’s impact on their lives today.

Vietnam: Lonely Planet Guide Book

For those who want to go back.

Vietnam: In the Year of the Pig (1968) Influential documentary from the late sixties

Vietnam Then and Now: David Halberstam, Ron Ridenhour Memorial Lecture 2000

Vietnam Documentaries

Discovery Channel Wings Over Vietnam Series

Wings Over Vietnam A-4 Skyhawk
F-105 Thunderchief UH-1 Huey


Combat Vietnam Series (To Hell & Beyond)

Combat Vietnam Combat Vietnam - The Chopper War (1989) (NOTE: Included in Combat Vietnam Vol. 3)
Combat Vietnam Vol. 2: Jungle Warfare/Death on Dragon Mountain (Two video pack) Air Power/River Sea & Air: Air Power at Khe Sahn & The Navy at War (Two video pack)
Combat Vietnam Vol. 3: Chopper War/Tank Attack (Two video pack)  


Vietnam Home Movies - Note Same Films Bundled with Different Titles!



Specialist 4: Jeffrey Overton and Rifle Company C in the Mekong Delta (see also Front-Line Artillery & Infantry) Front-Line Artillery & Infantry: Jeffrey Overton and Rifle Company C (see also Specialist 4) and Staff Sgt. Steven White and Outpost Legionnaire at the Ho Chi Minh trail (see also Outpost Legionnaire)
Outpost Legionaire (Steve White): Staff Sgt. Steven White and Outpost Legionnaire at the Ho Chi Minh trail (see also Front-Line Artillery & Infantry)
The Gunslingers:James Powell and the Gunslingers (see also Helicopter Gunship Assaults) Helicopter Gunship Assaults: Major Alfred Demailo and the Smiling Tigers (see also The Smiling Tigers), James Powell and the Gunslingers (see also The Gunslingers)
The Smiling Tigers (see also Helicopter Gunship Assaults)  
Gator Navy: PC3 Wayne Lamond and the Gator Navy (probably bundled in Operation Air & Sea) Operation Air & Sea! (see Gator Navy & Sabre Fire)
Sabre Fire: Captain Bill Claudio (probably bundled in Operation Air & Sea)  


20th Century with Mike Wallace (History Channel)

Vietnam/Cuban Missle Crisis - 20th Century with Mike Wallace Vietnam-Soldier's Diary


U.S. News & World Report Series

Guerilla Warfare-Vietnam (1997) Masters of War Vietnam-Combat From the Cockpit (1997)  Air Combat II
Vietnam Choppers (1997) Air Combat II  


Misc. Documentaries

Battle Hell Vietnam Vietnam Choppers (1991)
The Bombing of Vietnam (1990) Vietnam Combat
Choosing Sides: I Remember Vietnam - Fields of Fire (1998)
Choosing Sides: I Remember Vietnam - The War at Home (1998)
Narrated by Michael Moriarity
Vietnam: A Chronicle of a War (1981) Vietnam-Chronicle of a War narrated by Walter Cronkite
Guerrilla Wars-Cuba Vietnam & Afghanistan  People's Century Vietnam Gunboats A & E
Hitchhiking Vietnam-Letters From Vietnam (1997) Vietnam-A Marine Perspective Fourteen combat Marine officers discuss tactics and troops
Inside the Soviet Union 5 Vietnam: The Hot Red War Vietnam River Rats/Phantoms of (Phantoms of what?  I don't know . . .)
P.O.W. - Americans in Enemy Hands: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam (1991) Vietnam: Two Decades & A Wake Up (1990)
Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: The Last Landing Zone Wars in Peace: Korea/Vietnam (1995)
Why Vietnam?/Why Khe Sanh? (1988)

My Suggested Reading list of books about the Vietnam War in order by author.  They are not so much the ten best books as the ten books that most influenced and impressed me.  They will give you if not a complete overview, insight into what the war did to the U.S., and to Vietnam, for what is probably generations to come.   They are all must reading.

(Astute observers will see there are not ten books listed; I am still deliberating.)

Herr, Michael

This was one of the earlier books about Vietnam and like everything else about the war, it wasn't the usual history. Written in the style of Wolfe or Hunter, Herr is credited with making real the "rock n' roll" war. 
[paperback] Books from the UK! [paperback from the UK]

Ketwig, John
And a Hard Rain Fell : A Gi's True Story of the War in Vietnam

ARMY -CENTRAL HIGHLANDS, 1967: I really like this book. The author arrived in Vietnam in Sept. 1967 and was an army truck mechanic in Pleiku. This is a good book to give someone who thinks if you weren't in the infantry, you weren't in combat. Like so many Vietnam memoirs, the book follows the author's life after Vietnam. [paperback]

Mason, Robert

ARMY 1st CAV, 1965-66: Mason is another of my favorites. This memoir is the first book I read about Vietnam and has shaped my view of all the books I have read subsequently. Mason was a pilot in the First Air Cav at An Khe from 1965-66, seeing action at Ia Drang. He does a rare writing job in assuming you know nothing about helicopters, giving you a thorough grounding in UH-1's, and then not talking down to you. You will want to read the sequel . . .
[paperback]   Books from the UK![paperback from the UK]

Moore, Lt. Gen. Harold G., & Galloway, Joseph L.  [authors' website]
We Were Soldiers Once and Young: Ia Drang-The Battle that Changed the War in Vietnam

ARMY 1/7 2/7 CAV, 1965: An extremely well respected dissection of the battle of Ia Drang, fought at LZ X-Ray and LZ Albany. You will find here eyewitness accounts from both sides of the battle. But what impressed me the most was the attempt to identify so many of the participants by name, especially the soldiers who were killed. This battle is also covered in Chickenhawk  [paperback]   [audio cassette abridged ] 
Books from the UK![paperback from the UK]  [audio cassette abridged from the UK]

O'Brien, Tim [author's website]
The Things They Carried

1990 A gripping series of Vietnam stories gathered in a format of O'Brien's devising. It is not a collection of short stories, but it is not one story with a beginning and an ending. It is perhaps closest to listening to a soldier storyteller over a long period time. While you listen to his stories, you hear a bit of his personal life; he uses repetition of events and certain phrases to reinforce familiarity with the tales. Closing the book you believe you know the narrator very well. Attempting to further confuse fiction with non-fiction, Tim O'Brien gave his storyteller the name "Tim O'Brien." [paperback]   Books from the UK![paperback from the UK]

Palmer, Laura [author's website]
Shrapnel in the Heart : Letters and Remembrance from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Here is a collection of letters, essays, journals, and recollections that has made many a non-vet realize the great loss behind each name on the Wall.   I put this book at the top of anyone's reading list. In fact you could say it changed my life. Before seeing an dramatization of the book, I had not read anything on Vietnam and had no interest in the subject --sound familiar?  [paperback]    Books from the UK![paperback from the UK] 

Van Devanter, Lynda
Home Before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam

A nurse's story. This is the book that made people realize there are women veterans too and they saw very rugged service. If you are trying to understand the war, this book needs to be on your list. Like so many memoirs of the war, the trip home is in the middle of the book, not on the last page.[paperback]

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What does Suggested Reading mean?  It is just my very subjective list of the top ten books to read about the Vietnam War.  I list them here.

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