With a quote of its most famous daughter, Mother Teresa, Albania assumes membership at the Security Council

Remarks by Ambassador Ferit Hoxha at the Flags Installation Ceremony of new members of UN Security Council

January 4, 2022
As Albania assumes membership at the Security Council for the fist time, it is a privilege for me as Permanent Representative of Albania to be present here today and take part in this ceremony. I am overwhelmed by the honor to represent my country at this august place.
Many thanks for the kind words of welcome.
This is a pivotal moment for us; my country, the Albanian team and myself; a moment that none of us will ever forget.
We are here to work with other like-minded countries to be a force for good, to make our voice heard in the name of progress and try to make a difference. In these complex and difficult times for the world, when things that we used to take for granted are no longer secure, the role of the Security Council becomes even more important.
Having a seat at the table puts any country under special spotlight; but it cannot overshadow the huge responsibility that comes with it. As such, we are determined to play an active and constructive role, be open and transparent, carry over our values and principles to the work of the Council.
We will devote our time and efforts to promote the agenda of WPS; to engage in the protection of human rights and international law; to promote inter-religious and inter-culture dialogue for understanding and cooperation as a means to fighting hate, extremism and terrorism; and we will do our best to work for environmental and climate security. Albania stands here ready to strengthen friendships, build alliances, forge better ties by working closely with others, for better understanding and cooperation, for peace and security.
Albania believes in multilateralism, international law and in a strong rules-and-valuesbased multilateral system as the cornerstone of world security.
Like many others, we know that when the Council stands united, it saves lives, brings change to the world and helps to define it; just like we know that, when it is divided, it fails to act hereby leaving thousands caught up in conflicts, hopelessness, and misery.
We come here with the strong belief and resolve that the Council must do more; take firmer action, support those in need in every corner of the world.
We believe, just like Mother Theresa, daughter of Albania and Mother of the world’s poor, used to say: “together we can do great things – së bashku mund të bëjmë gjera të mëdha”
Let me conclude by thanking the Kazak delegation for institutionalizing this practice, and wishing Norway all possible success as they assume the Presidency for the month of January. Our appreciation goes to the outgoing members for their outstanding contribution, and we welcome Brazil, Gabon, Ghana and UAE in our joint journey in the Security Council.
Thank you.