Red Cross

  donut dollie

Red Cross

while i was out building morale
with your Cobra
were dying

details are relative
your wife waits
unknowing that i think of her at this moment
that you never again will

you were just a boy - 19
with much to learn

but you were playing men's games
the stakes were high
and you lost

or rather
your team

last night you were drunk
                    (and we wanted to be alone)
so we made excuses
and left you

i`m sorry now
but it's much too late for apologies
you're too busy derosing from the world
and being reassigned to eternity
to know how i feel

total incomprehension
death is too final to contemplate

dwelling upon the loss of a friend
is death in life

life is for the living
death is for the dead
and so
we must now go our separate ways

good-bye's are sad
but if we'd never said hell-o
we'd not have to say good-bye
and the happiness of your hell-o's
far surpasses
the tragedy of your good-bye

the sad part
                      is not
                               that you're dead

the sad part
                                that you are no longer alive

i'll miss you


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