Who Were These Women?
American, Australian and New Zealand
Civilian and Military Women
Who Died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975) 


Eleanor Grace Alexander

Carol Ann Elizabeth Drazba

To Carol Drazba and the other women who gave the ultimate gift to the rest of us, thank you.  I left the AF in 1966 shortly before your final trip back to Dunmore, Carol, and your sacrifice was a major reason I reenlisted in 1967 and volunteered for Nam.  I remember you and Joann walking to school as first graders, holding hands and crossing the street, where I was a patrol boy, on your way to Lincoln School and that memory has been etched in my brain ever since your return. 

Walk with God little girl.
Ed Hetsko 
Falmouth, VA USA - June 04, 1999

Elizabeth Ann Jones

Capt. Mary Therese Klinker

            Sharon Ann Lane

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Cathy Wayne (AKA Warnes)  Photos

Derek Walsh, from Touched by Fire

Barbara Frances Black

Derek Walsh, from Touched by Fire

Nova Bell

Nashville Banner (TN) - April 7, 1975.  

The article is two columns long, and the following two paragraphs condense the pertinent information:

Mrs. Nova Lynn Orange Bell, 28, (a former local resident) and her 10 year old son, Michael Eugene Bell were killed in the crash of a giant C-5 Galaxy transport about 35 minutes after takeoff from Tan Son Nhut air base.  About 200 of the 319 children and adults aboard died, but Mrs. Bell's daughter, Andrea Christine Bell, 5 years old, survived the crash and was released from a Saigon Hospital after treatment.
Mrs. Bell had been living in Saigon since August 1974 when her husband, Army Spec. 7 Garnett Eugene Bell, was transferred there for duty with the U.S. Delegation, Four Party Joint Military Team.

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