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A Healing

"No Time for Tears: Vietnam-The Women Who Served"

Not on the Frontline (includes short video clip)

"Hear the firsthand account of an entertainer, a Red Cross worker, and of three nurses — five of the 10,000 American women who served in the Vietnam War."

Other Angels

". . .a film written, produced, and directed by Patricia L. Walsh, a civilian nurse who volunteered in Vietnam from 1967 until 1968, won the People's Choice award at the 1995 Denver International Film Festival. Previously aired on PBS, the film is now being used by educators to show their high school and college students another side of the Vietnam War, a side that Oliver Stone never portrayed."  Harvard Educational Review

Their Own Vietnam

Spirited interviews with five veterans are intercut with rare archival images and home movies to explore the day-to-day experiences of these women as nurses and officers, as well as the war’s impact on their lives today.

Video China Beach - Pilot Episode

I pondered a bit before offering this video, but I have been contacted by a number of people (particularly teachers) who are looking for it.  However, fair warning, many of the women veterans I know do not think this is at all accurate.  I invite you read the reviews at Amazon and to leave your own review  See also "Citizen Jane: China Beach, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and U.S. Popular Memory" by Kim Heikkila,

Stuff to Buy

Prints by Lou Sorrin, ANC RVN

Purchase "The Nurse" or "Buddies."  The originals are in the National Vietnam War Art Museum in Chicago, but you can purchase copies for $32.50.

Books about Incountry Women

Videos about Incountry Women

Support Women Veterans Organization Inc.

The dog tags say "Served with Honor"

High quality material that does not shrink hardly at all. They come in L-XL-2X-3X at $18 each, which includes shipping and handling. (Sorry no Mediums)

Hats are $18 each, which includes shipping and handling

There is also a hat with a red band, not pictured.

Checks need to be made out to: Linda D. Watson
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Money raised goes to support the
 Homeless Women Veteran's Program.


Honoring Those Who Served

© 1999 Bobbie Keith

Order knit shirts & tee-shirts with this design.  May be personalized with the Military Vietnam or the Civilian Vietnam service medals at your request.

VWMP Marketplace

Glass Plaque of the Vietnam Women's Memorial

Celebration of Patriotism and Courage

Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue Replica

VWMP Dedication Video

and other items.



#1062 My Grandma is a  Vietnam Veteran


#1254 Vietnam Womens Memorial



#0968 They also Served


#0972 With Vietnam Womens Memorial

A Legacy of Healing and Hope

Dog tags

Soldier City               Small Enamel Pins, etc.  ($3.95 ea.)

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My Mother Served

15128 My Mother Served

Women Who Served
This says "Nurse" at the top, "Army, Navy and Air Force around the edge.

15321 Vietnam Nurses

Vietnam Veteran

15206 Vietnam Veteran

Vietnam Service Ribbon

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Vietnam Veteran Ribbon Ball Cap & Vietnam Veteran Dragon Ball Cap

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146 Women Served Bravely

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156 Vietnam Veteran

Quiet Pride Ring

Black Aluminum POW/MIA/KIA Bracelet 
You can request any name.   Here are some women whose names you might want to remember this way.

I have not found much for sale online of interest to women vets.  If you know of anything, particularly tee-shirts for women who served,
so I can link.

Music  (More Vietnam Related Music)

CD by Marge Wheeler 

Order at http://www.villagebooks-mtshasta.com/fourmarches.html

Performed by the Suvorov Military Band, St. Petersburg, Russia

Marge Wheeler was a nurse in Vietnam.

These marches were inspired by Marge's love of march music, memories of performing marches in school orshestras and bands, and by her experience as a former U.S. Army Nurse. Three of the marches have fanfares, but were nonetheless written for marching. The marches are presented on the CD in their order of composition.

The March for the Desert Medics
was written at the time of Operation Desert Storm to inspire the Army medical personnel who were sent to the Gulf. This March was Marge's first composition. It was played as part of the 90th birthday celebration for the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in Washington, D.C. at the request of General Clara Adams-Ender, then the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps.

The General Adams-Ender March
was inspired by the military career of a distinguished Afro-American nurse and soldier. It is meant to be majestic and processional. General Adams-Ender retired after serving as Commanding General in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She is currently finishing her book "My Rise to the Stars", and was pleased to learn that her march would be part of this CD.

The Proud to Care
was inspired by memories of the Army Nurse Corps. The title is the motto of the Army Nurse Corps and the moving and motivational lines reflect the high esteem in which Army Nurses are held by American soldiers.

The Presido March
was written when the Presidio of San Francisco was still a U.S. Army base. The Presidio, which is located on San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, has a grand parade ground for ceremonies. The sounds of San Francisco and military life are integrated into the composition. The sound of a foghorn can be heard in the fanfare. A variation of "Taps", the bugle call used to signal the end of the day in Army life, is part of the fanfare and middle section.


notes5.gif (122 bytes) Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues... For Peace [CD] - Sarge Lintecum

1. The Vietnam Blues
2. This Shirt Of Mine
3. Into The Fire From The Fryin' Pan
4. Timb Bomb In My Mind
5. Oh Shit!
6. Sister Soldier (listen)
7. Veterans Wife
8. Blue Monsoon
9. Combat Fatigue
10. It Don't Mean Nothin'
11. Five Down
12. Saturday Morning Cartoons
13. Reunion At The Wall
14. Welcome Home
notes5.gif (122 bytes)  Ballads of the Green Berets [CD]
SSgt Barry Sadler

Yes, Ballads is plural.  Includes "Salute to the Nurses." (listen)



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