Young Albanian actor plays in a web-based thriller series

Alex Dhima from Boston is Connor Solloway, the son of a family hiding a terrible dark secrets –“Family Problems” airs every Sunday on You Tube


Youthful Albanian-American actor Alex Dhima is starring in web-based series “Family Problems”, which kicked off on Sunday, February 17th, 2013 at 9:00pm.
A new episode is airing every Sunday and can be watched at anytime in You Tube ( but can be found also in the series Facebook page etc.
“Family Problems” is about a family which struggles to cope with a dark secret without crumbling down and dissolving everyone’s life. In our time, life with kids coming of age is hard enough without this kind of complications. Imagine if literally had a body to hide and then live with its weight in your consciousness and memory.
“Family Problems” will air twelve episodes in total. The third one was on Sunday March 3 and nine more to go. The killer is a mystery. Even the actors haven’t been told and don’t not know how the series end and who the killer is. The only one who holds that secret is Seth Chitwood, the creator of the show.
Alex Dhima, 10, born in Boston to Albanian parents, is playing the role of Connor Solloway, the only son of this American family burdened with a secret too heavy for anyone. Due to younger age, Connor is rather compliant with parents’ plans to move on as if nothing happened, especially if compared to his more rebellious older sister. At least this is what surfaces until now from the first episodes.

Alex Dhima

Alex Dhima

This is the second wed-based series by Seth Chitwood, in which Alex is involved. The first one was “Red Circles”, winner of five 2012 L.A. Web Series Festival Awards for Best Drama, Ensemble, Writing, Cinematography, and Theme Song. Alex Dhima played the role of Ben Kane, the son of a detective, who has been murdered.
Alex had a trial for “Family Problems” and was casted again by Seth, who has by now written, filmed, directed, and produced several films and web-series. In 2008, Seth co-founded the production company Angelwood Pictures, which has produced also the “Family Problems” series. It is being filmed in Barrington and Providence, R.I.
The episodes are 12-14 minutes long and there are nine more to go before we may, or may not, learn, who the killer is. It might help to know that the story shifts in three periods of time 1988, 2012 and 2044, slowly revealing what happened, respectively the background to the killing, the aftermath and the revelation.
The violence in the film is rather implied, but the language is sometimes too strong for children so parents advisory is needed.
“Family Problems” promises suspense as Alex Dhima announces in his promotional web video clip about the series.
Independent web series rarely draw big crowds but they may become very popular faster than you think. “Family Problems” started with the right foot as its first episode (“Start”) catapulted it to the fifth place (out of 19 shows) of Indie Series of the Week Poll (February 17-23, 2013). And they are just warming up.