• The survival of Kosova and the Albanian people depends directly on the full commitment of the United States.

Dear President Biden,

         If there is one leader in the US who knows everything about the conflict in the Western Balkans, it is you, Mr. President. You know best how the Serbian rulers, in coordination with the Serbian Church and the Academy of Sciences, cover up their aggressiveness and criminality with victimization, lies, deceptions and manipulation of all kinds while at the same time making open plans for the extermination of the Albanians.

         Serbia has not changed since the time of the criminal Milosevic, it is governed by politicians inspired and prepared by him, with the same views and tendencies for dominance in Southeast Europe. Trapped in the world of myths and hatred for other nations, influenced and directed by Putin’s Russia, Serbia is the only country after Russia that poses a threat to peace and security in Europe.

         It continues its threats of war, pressures the Serbian minority to boycott free democratic elections and sends criminals to beat NATO soldiers, journalists and civilians, harasses and intimidates Serbs who accept the state of Kosovo, mocks mediators, escalates and de-escalates at will, participates formally in the talks, sets preconditions, does not sign and violates EU-brokered agreement.

         The pro-American and pro-European government of Kosovo, the most democratic in the region, accepts the EU’s association agreement and 38 other previous agreements, implements democracy, law and order, imprisons criminals, reduces the number of special police and accepts new elections in the four northern municipalities.

         Surprisingly, for all these actions, Western diplomats praise Serbia as “constructive” while blaming and sanctioning Kosovo! This is the height of injustice and belittling of the Republic of Kosovo.

         Europe, driven by the futile desire to remove fascist Serbia from fascist Russia, with economic, political and traditional ties to Russia, weighed down by the fear of the strengthening of the Albanian nation among the oldest in Europe and by religious prejudices, is openly taking Serbian side. It is deeply immersed in the centuries-old failed policy of appeasing the Serbian aggressor and subjugating the Albanian people.

         European mediators Mr. Borrell and Mr. Lajcak, who come from countries that do not recognize Kosovo’s independence, are preoccupied with how to best accommodate Serbia. Seeing that their work has failed, they are trying to blame Kosovo for everything.

         Our representative in the dialogue, Mr. Gabriel Escobar, has joined the unjust and wrong European policy. His assertion that the Serbian Association is in function of the incorporation of the Serbian minority in the state of Kosovo, simply does not hold. His threats against Kosovo’s democratically elected government resemble those of former President Trump’s failed emissary, Richard Grenell.

         In Belgrade, our experienced ambassador Mr. Hill apologizes for bombing Serbia and stopping the Serbian genocide against Albanians, which is contrary to democratic values ​​and American interests. He seems very concerned about the rights of the Serbian minority in Kosovo, which in reality have not been violated by Kosovo but by Serbia. He is not at all upset about the rights of the Albanians in the Presheva Valley and in Sanxhak.

         Serbia’s goal is clear. Deceiving Western diplomats and delaying the dialogue in the hope that Putin will win the war against Ukraine, while Trump will win the American elections. Serbian-American voters are determined to vote for Trump, for whom they voted last time and lost. Albanian-American voters, although disappointed by the State Department, are open to voting for you regardless of party affiliation. This will have a significant impact on the voting results, especially in the “swing” states of America.

         The letter of the four chairmen of the Committees on foreign relations, including Senator Bob Menendez and 56 deputies from various democratic states should be the last warning for diplomats to change their unfair and completely wrong approach to Kosovo.

         America has invested a lot in saving the people of Kosovo from the Serbian genocide, creating and building a pro-Western democratic state. It is high time for this investment to be concluded permanently. Only you can successfully complete the historic work of President Clinton, continued by President Bush, because you have made an extraordinary contribution to this.

         The efforts of all Serbian governments to exterminate the Albanians date back to their influx from the Carpathian Mountains to the Illyrian lands in the seventh century. But they begin to take the form of genocide around 1887 and continue until 1999.

         There are more than 30 written programs and pamphlets about the extermination of Albanians, among which the most notorious one stands out, the memorandum of the Serbian politician Vasa Čubrilović “Deportation of Albanians”. Among other things, he writes that “the existence of the Serbian nation depends on the non-existence of the Albanian nation”. Since all Serbian power rests on Russian support, it is clear that the survival of Kosovo and the Albanian people depends directly on the full commitment of the United States.

         Therefore, Mr. President, please help to stop Serbian aggression and international injustice towards Kosovo. This can only be done by taking the leadership of the dialogue, by appointing a personal representative of the White House, with a real and fair approach to the problem between Kosovo and Serbia.

         Racist Serbia, like racist Russia, must be stopped from its hegemonic grip on Europe. This can only be achieved with isolation and real diplomatic and economic pressure on it, pressure on the five remaining European countries to recognize Kosovo’s independence and opening the way for integration into NATO and the European Union.

         Until this becomes possible, it is imperative to find a way to create an international defense alliance or treaty between the US and the Republic of Kosovo, similar to the Franco-Greek defense agreement of 2021, that would guarantee security and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo. This would have a direct impact on curbing Serbian aggression and would help the progress of the dialogue.

         This is the only way to guarantee peace and security in the Balkans and to ensure the existence of an ancient people who, among other things, gave the world two great figures, Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg, the symbol of resistance, of the fight for freedom and the protection of Europe, and Saint Mother Teresa, the symbol of kindness, generosity and care for the poor and people with special needs.

         America does not find any friend in the world that is closer, more loving, more sincere and more loyal than the Albanian people.


Agim Aliçkaj, MRSc.