The mono-ethnic association should not be created even if Serbia burns Europe

By MSc. Agim Aliçkaj

         The acceptance of the proposal of the European Union, supported by the US State Department, for “normalization of relations” with Serbia is another painful compromise of Kosova, after Ahtisaari’s plan and dozens of Brussels agreements, including those on license plates and elections in the north of Kosova.

         This should be the last compromise of Kosova towards the international community for the sake of peace and security in Southeast Europe. If Western mediators and diplomats do not appreciate it, they do not deserve the respect and cooperation of Kosova.

         Serbia committed genocide against Albanians and is allowed to act as a victim. The Serbian aggression against Kosova continues unabated. The mediators praise Vučić even when he rejects and belittles them, or when he sets conditions or makes threats. Kosova is criticized even when it defends its right to exist.

         Can any wise person explain to us why the Serbian Association should be created, except to please Vučić and help him stay in power. A potential war criminal previously declared non-grata by the European Union, a student of Milosevic and servant of Putin. The West needs a despot and criminal to control the criminalized Serbian state, even at the expense of Kosova. But Kosova must say ENOUGH. Not on my back.

         The current Kurti-Osmani administration is doing its best to correct the catastrophic mistakes of the previous governments and to save Kosova from destruction. The Kurti government’s concessions so far were inevitable. But everything has an end.

         The creation of the Serbian association and any other concession that violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosova is national treason. If the country is crippled, we don’t need friendship with anyone.

         The Kosova opposition was a failure in governance, it is still a failure today. They do not have any concrete proposal, how to deal with the internationals and how to force Serbia to recognize Kosova. Their policy is based exclusively on opposing the decisions of the Kurti government, even when their behavior is in the interest of Serbia.

         The question arises what Kosova gains concretely before or during the implementation of the European agreement, apart from promises and nice words. Will the remaining five countries of Europe recognize it? Will it be included in NATO? Will it be accepted in EC, EU and UN? Or rather, can a Pact of its defense and intervention be signed with America, in case Serbia violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosova?

         Ultimately, if Western Mediators and Diplomats are unable to put enough pressure on Serbia to accept their compromise plan, dialogue with Serbia is worthless. Kosova and the Albanian nation must be ready to defend themselves by force from Serbian agression. The only way to ensure the national existence that makes sense, remains Albanian national unification.