Albanian American Community Calls for Immediate Action Against Serbia for Inciting Violence and Attacking NATO Troops in Kosova

We are witnessing disturbing acts of aggression perpetrated by pro-Russian, organized groups from Serbia against NATO peacekeeping troops, journalists, and local police officers in Kosova’s northern municipalities.

The actions of ethnic Serbs who violently tried to enter the government buildings, orchestrated directly by the Belgrade regime, show repeated threats to peace and security amidst a tense situation in Europe. These acts of aggressions by Vucic and his cronies, within the sovereign territory of the Republic of Kosova, must not go unanswered by the international community.

We are deeply concerned that Belgrade regime’s goal, in line with their Russian allegiance, is for the conflict to erupt and spill over into neighboring countries, potentially igniting new wars in the Balkans – to open another front in Europe. It is imperative that the United States and its allies finally recognizes the gravity of the situation and take a firm stance against Serbia’s blackmail, rather than continuing to appease its provocations. It is essential that Serbia understands the resolve of the West to uphold peace and security in Kosova and the region and that the consequences for any attempt by Belgrade to undermines this will be severe.

We encourage the government of Kosova and opposition parties to build a unified front against Serbian blackmail and provocations, and to coordinate closely with Kosova’s main ally, the United States of America. Regardless of the recent absence of much needed and deserved, harsh measures against Vucic and his criminal enterprise, the United States has remained a steadfast supporter of Kosova’s sovereignty and security – committed to support its thriving democracy without fail.

Likewise, before it is too late, we call once again upon the US administration to end its policy of appeasement toward Serbia and insist that any continuing dialogue for normalization is led by the US, centered unequivocally on mutual recognition between Kosova and Serbia – as declared clearly by President Biden and the four preceding Presidents before him.

By strengthening the partnership between Kosova and the United States, both nations can work towards ending the cycle of violence and achieving a sustainable peace in the Balkans, fending off Russian and Chinese aggression and influence in Southeast Europe.

Signatories of the Statement, Albanian American Organizations:

Pan-Albanian American Congress (PAAC)

Pan Albanian Federation of America VATRA

Batalioni Atlantiku – Atlantic Battalion

Albanian-American Community of Illinois (AACI)

Malesia e Madhe Association, New York

Malesia e Madhe Association, Michigan

Albanian Diaspora Business Network

Peja – New York Association

Kraja Association

Ulqini Association – Chicago

Çameria Association

Prespa Association – Chicago

Uskana Association

Plavë Guci Foundation

Ana e Malit Association

Valet e Liqenit Association

Jehona Association – Michigan

Lukaj Foundation

Dardania – Albanian American Association of Greater Houston