Albanians of America honor their martyrs


By Merita B. McCormack

Washington DC

The 16th Annual Rroll Call of Nation – Wreath Laying Ceremony took place in Washington DC on June 9th 2023.

Many Embassies of former captive nations and representatives of ethnic groups, based in America, gathered at the crossing of Mass Ave and New Jersey Avenue in the nation’s Capital and participated in the beautiful ceremony, organized by VOC.

In the program booklet one reads:

“Every year the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation hosts a ceremony on the anniverssary of the dedication of the Memorial. Our purpose is to honor the memory of more than 100 million victims of communism, to celebrate liberty where it has triumphed and to further our pursuit of a world free from communism”

This year Milda Boyce , Director of Fellowships opened the ceremony , she spoke about VOC’s role and also the importance of this event.

Dr. Lee Edwards, the founder of the Foundation reminded the participants of many nations past and present, suffering under Communism.

Dr. Elizabeth Spalding , current chairman of the Foundation held the keynote speech. Among other things she remarked on the VOC’ museum.

Dr. Paula Dobriansky introduced the recipient of Truman Reagan Medal of Freedom Recipient for this year: he is an activist from Tibet.

The roll call of nations began with representatives of Bulgarian and Croatian embassies and followed by other embassies and organizations.

From the Albanian community there was only one organization represented, that being Albanian Community in Diocese of Arlington .
There was also a wreath on behalf of Albanian American Council , their wreath was carried by VOC staff members due to the representatives being on travel.

We owe respect, reverence and honor to the memory of those who gave their lives under communism . They resisted, they prayed, they stood up and they died. God, family and country were their first and foremost love.

Their voices cry out: Remember us!
Our deeds say: We will never forget you!