CAA Extends Honorary Board with Prominent Personalities of Albanian Diaspora

Lazim Destani

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors has recently added on its Honorary Board a number of prominent personalities of the Albanian diaspora. Mr. Lazim Destani, an Albanian successful businessman, a philanthropist, peace activist, humanist and a global citizen who has graciously accepted to serve on our Honorary Board and support our mission. Mr. Destani is well known for numerous valuable contributions in helping the Albanian cause throughout the world and stands out as a respectful individual in all business, philanthropic and patriotic activities and circles, by making a big difference in people’s lives.

Frank Shkreli

Mr. Frank Shkreli, worked for VOA’s Albanian Service for many years, and was later promoted to Director of the European Division, responsible for all VOA radio and TV broadcasts to Europe.  After retiring from government, he was named Executive Director of National Albanian-American Council (NAAC), a non-profit organization, based in Washington DC.  Mr. Shkreli is among Albanians regarded with high esteem and a well-respected personality for his contribution in promoting and supporting Albanian cause in the USA. He is the author of three volumes of “Democracy can’t wait”.

Harry Bajraktari

Mr. Harry Bajraktari, a native Albanian from NYC, is another addition to our board. He has put substantial efforts in establishing connections and friendships with top institutional leaders in the USA and has given valuable contributions to the democratization of Albania, the internationalization of the issue of Kosova, as well as significant contributions made to its freedom, independence and later the international recognition of Kosova as a sovereign state. Mr. Bajraktari is another true Albanian-American patriot who stands out for universal human rights values.

Dom David Xhuxha, Head of the Albanian section of Radio Vatican for Vatican News. He has been following and broadcasiting the landmark developments in Albanian history, such as the fall of communism in Albania, the indipendence of Kosova, as well as other major develpments in recent Albanian  history. Dom Xhuxha is the author of “The Pope in Albania” a publication which shed lights not only in the long history of suffering and survival of Albanian clerics, but also pays tribute to many Albanians who fought hard for Peace and Freedom. He was part of the delegations during the visits of two Popes in Albania.

Daniel Serwer

They will serve on our Honorary Board along with former USA Ambassador Theodore R. Britton a Congressional Gold Medal recipient with a long connection and affection for Albanians. Professor Daniel Serwer is a great supporter of Albanians and one of the architects of Dayton Peace accord, as well as a seasoned US former diplomat from Washington DC.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors has also the pleasure to announce a new addition to our General Assembly, the former Minister of European Integration, Ms. Klajda Gjosha a successful women with a distinguished career. We strongly believe Ms. Gjosha will be an added value to the completion of the Council’ mission.