– Minister Gërvalla-Schwarz at the UN proud of the freedom fighters


         Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz, who is the daughter of the national hero Jusuf Gërvalla and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosova, delivered a remarkable and powerful speech exposing the representatives of the Serbian and Russian criminal states at the UN Security Council meeting when she stated “I am proud to represent the state where the brave KLA soldiers defended their people, their homes and their country. It’s your personal matter, but I would not be proud to represent states like yours.”

         Minister Gërvalla-Schwarz and Deputy Minister Liza Gashi also held a meeting with the Albanian-American community at the Consulate General of the Republic of Kosova in New York to discuss how to strengthen the relationship of the country with the diaspora and to oppose the continuing hostile actions of the uncivilized Serbian state.

         Serbia should be treated as a criminal state. There can be no concessions or compromises with ruthless and incorrigible aggressors like Russia and its satellite in the Balkans, Serbia. The pressures of the Western World on the government of Kosova to make concessions in the hope that Serbia will break away from the clutches of Russia are useless, unjust, unprincipled and contrary to the democratic and human values ​​which they promote. The time of unequal dialogue and Serbian blackmail has ended with the free elections of February 2021.

         Any Albanian politician and activist, anywhere in our lands and in the Diaspora, who is bowing to pressure for concessions with the excuse for so-called “maintaining and advancing friendly relations” with these countries is a coward, self-serving, worthless and anti-national. What is the purpose of “friendly relations” if you lose your freedom and country?!  Even worse, anyone who cooperates with the Serbian or Russian state, in any form for whatever reason, as long as they are led by chauvinists and criminals like Putin, Lavrov, Vucic, Dacic and Vulin has a guaranteed place in the wall of shame of national and human betrayal.

         There is only one solution to the conflict in the Balkans. Recognition of Kosova by the remaining five European states and its accelerated NATO membership, Serbia’s economic, diplomatic and military isolation, and pressure on it to choose between European-American democracy or the dark Russian anti-human dictatorship. America and especially Europe must learn from Russian aggression in Ukraine. Only America and President Biden can and should lead the way. With dictators and criminals like Putin and Vucic, appeasement, compromise and reward do not work, only their defeat, punishment and destruction do.

         The Albanian nation is aligned with the western world forever. It should be and is grateful for their help but not submissive in any way and under any circumstances.

         Although the peace-loving nation, which has never committed any aggression against other peoples but rather, always in defense of its freedom and lands, must prepare for a war. This is confirmed by the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the recent Serbian terrorist actions against the Kosova police. Strengthening and preparing the Kosova Army must be done urgently. In addition to the increased state budget, every Albanian, wherever he lives, has an obligation to contribute, based on his/her possibilities, to the Security Fund created by the Government of the Republic of Kosova. This is not a fund of one government, but a fund of the Albanian national existence.

          As a sign of respect and gratitude to NATO and America for saving the Albanian people from the Serbian genocide, with the motto “We salute our freedom fighters”, in cooperation with co-author, a freedom fighter, prof. Dr. Nusret Pllana, we have published the pocket book “Never Forget” which documents the Serbian genocide against Albanians, a copy of which I donated to each honorable ladies Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz and Liza Gashi. It may serve them in their future encounters with representatives of Serbian criminal state.

The author of the article with Kosova’s Foreign Minister, Gërvalla-Schwartz (center) and his wife.
With Deputy Foreign Minister of Kosova, Liza Gashi