Defense cooperation between U.S. and Albania is not limited to military goals

U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim visited two important projects in Vlore supported by the Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation.

She first stopped at the Albanian Military Academy, where the first field training exercise between the Albanian military academy and the New Jersey National Guard Officer Candidate School took place.

In the upcoming two weeks, New Jersey instructors will develop Albania’s cadre, establish candidate evaluation metrics, and integrate U.S and Albanian officer candidates.

Ambassador Kim’s next stop was at the “Selam Musaj” 9-year school in the village of Babice e Madhe, where a U.S. European Command (EUCOM) Humanitarian Assistance program provided $400,000 USD for renovations to the school and other supplies.

The Ambassador inaugurated the newly renovated school which, thanks to this EUCOM project, now has renovated exterior walls, a new roof, new windows and doors, new restroom facilities inside the building and external fire escapes.