Donald Leka – CEO, Founder of Jumptuit – Next Level in Forecasting Global Events

Rafaela Prifti

In case you missed it, Data Correlation Engine Jumptuit, an AI-scenario forecasting company that focuses on detecting probabilities of disruptive global events that impact regions and sectors, has arrived! Jumptuit was granted New Artificial Intelligence search patent.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded inventor Donald Leka, Founder and CEO of Jumptuit, three new U.S. patents in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, namely:

System and Method of AI Assisted Search

System and Method of AI Assisted Search Based on Events and Location

System and Method of Correlating Multiple Data Points to Create a New Single Data Point

Having secured the patent, Jumptuit announced the launch of the Genesis J2T Global Risk Visibility Spectrum Dashboard. With its enormous scale of coverage and unprecedented reach across all regions, governments and corporations “GRVS would be able to assist in formulating policies that anticipate unexpected global events and reduce the cost of risk,” says Donald Leka, Chairman of Jumptuit.

Mr. Leka, a technology executive with over 15 years of experience has developed cloud computing, mobile technologies and data systems aimed at forecasting probable geopolitical and environmental events. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, CNET, PC World, also on Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC and more. Two time American University alum, BA/SIS ’86 and MBA ’97, Donald Leka has ranked among New York’s top 100 CEO’s in the Artificial Intelligence Space. (The American Startup Magazine, June 1, 2022) 

He announced the patent award in a social media post last week with a statement that says, in part: “AI Scenario Forecasting is designed to anticipate probable events and conditions, identify correlations and clusters of variables across sectors, and assess probable causation enabling government and corporate leaders to circumvent, bypass, and avoid future events, or better manage and mitigate unavoidable risk.”

Commentary and reaction from industry innovators and the tech media have been positively outstanding.

“Donald Leka’s vision extends beyond innovation. It’s about securing a spot in tomorrow’s tech tapestry.”

“Donald Leka, the visionary behind Jumptuit, emphasizes the transformative potential of this innovation. By enhancing data-driven decision-making, Jumptuit’s AI and Blockchain fusion empowers organizations to swiftly adapt in an ever-evolving landscape. The system’s ability to improve data integrity, transparency, and analysis speed amplifies its utility across various sectors, including Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and Government.”

Donald Leka, about whom I have written before, as recently as September 2023, (, is very excited to be embarking into the next level of a data-driven system.  

As someone with limited tech knowledge and speaking for readers who feel the same way, I asked Donald to use a metaphor from a medical field that would be helpful in terms of making the new tech advancement more relatable. For example, how does knowing a diagnosis or having a genetic predisposition for a certain condition (the forecasting), give the patient or the doctors a practical advantage? “Using a medical metaphor for an individual, the Jumptuit J2T Global Risk Visibility Spectrum Dashboard delivers information so an individual can make choices that avoid or bypass events that could cause an underlying situation or condition to express itself in undesired ways, or exacerbate a situation that could otherwise have been prevented. From a corporate or government perspective, this expands into the geopolitical realm protecting supply chains, community and national health, financial systems, and international relations,” said Donald Leka.

On the top: Donald Leka, featured speaker at School of International Service, The American University, Washington DC. (Courtesy photo)

Donald Leka (left) at World Economic Forum, Davos, January 2024. (Courtesy photo)