By Christopher Hyland,

In mathematics two entities may occupy the same place.

In real political terms, given the will power to implement it, Dual Omni Sovereign Israel Palestine, DOSIP, is possible. Indeed, its underlying premise is a viable option to be discussed as a way forward for other acrimonious situations throughout the world, Taiwan/China and Ireland/Great Britain come to mind.

Christopher Hyland

Two sovereign entities may simultaneously occupy the same space in Israel/Palestine (here after IP: any similarity to other meanings or acronyms coincidental), omni, in all ways and places.

DOSIP merits accelerated consideration by all parties seeking to sustain peace and prosperity in IP. Once in place DOSIP could contribute to solving some of the problematic impact on IP and/or enhance positive impact that may result in the event of nation states and/or other entities lessening, or significantly changing the nature of, in ways heretofore unexpected, the emphasis of their engagement in the region.

A new paradigm, DOSIP proposes/comprises: two sovereign states simultaneously occupying all of the existing territory of IP; two sovereign states simultaneously occupying the same capital, Jerusalem; two sovereign states, each with its own head of state, namely the President of Israel and the President of Palestine simultaneously presiding over the same IP territory; two sovereign states simultaneously occupying the same territory with, in some instances, separate commissions and ministries and, as often as possible, shared commissions and ministries; two sovereign states simultaneously occupying the same territory, each receiving foreign delegations, often simultaneously, and, importantly, the two sovereign states simultaneously occupying IP manifesting events and national imagery reflecting the cultural aspects of each of the sovereign entities. All of the above, once in place, bringing to the IP narrative a vehicle for harmonious community in an environment otherwise experiencing various degrees of continued acrimony.

All of us are well aware of the complexities involved in implementing DOSIP. Fortunately, due to the tenacious and visionary efforts of countless other, from all sides, participants in the epoch IP narrative, building blocks are in place upon which to structure DOSIP, among them the numerous administrative and regional commissions, however nascent, tenuous and inadequate, suspended or not for the moment, encompassing Palestine, Israel and other countries in the region for whom stability is a must. DOSIP must build and expand upon these existing governmental bodies and the agreements, among them decades of negotiations which allow them life: decades of efforts, decades of aspirations already realized. DOSIP is a way forward, a way to give emotional and physical space and security to the aspirations of IP’s two main communities, without neglecting in the process leading up to DOSIP and in implementing DOSIP, the numerous other communities in the region that seek participation, hence community in peace within the DOSIP framework.

In implementing DOSIP, a substantial swarth of concerns, heretofore driven by lP’s two main spheres of sectarian interest, such resulting in near permanent societal destabilization, are in the main solved. DOSIP respectfully recognizes these diverse nationalist sentiments, each rooted in ancient history, cloaked in ancient customs and priorities that still very much manifest themselves in the modern era. Yet, DOSIP, in its essence encapsulates, indeed personifies, the emerging post national world as the very concept of DOSIP– although with antecedents to varying degrees in history- is very much a product of our era, a world in which everything must be pursued to mitigate against the worst aspects of excessive nationalism.

It is incumbent upon us to recognize community cultural aspirations, giving them judicious succor and giving them a means of expression through arrangements such as DOSIP, all the while in doing so tempering the most extreme nationalist feelings, thereby allowing the best, most balanced aspects of nationalism to shine.

With DOSIP in place IP, IsraelPalestine, will be an economic powerhouse enhancing prosperity for all, for the entire region, and most importantly, sustained peace. DOSIP could very probably provide a way forward for the region in the event of changing global interests and involvement in the region.

Academia, the media, NGO’s, civic society, government and citizens would do well to pursue discussions, convene conferences and actively discuss the particulars of implementing DOSIP. Not to do so by example will diminish the prospects of an ever more peaceful post Westphalian order and, instead, contribute to further encouraging the least appealing aspects of nationalism. Drawing wisdom from the past and placing such in tandem with DOSIP creating new purpose, there is before us the thrill and sense of satisfaction in, together, realizing and implementing a new paradigm, a way towards peace. Are we not weary of sectarian violence, realizing that much fighting is often over a song and a flag? These contested symbols need be given place, however much pain they have come to symbolize. They need not be the undoing of happiness, of common wellbeing. DOSNI affords a way.

As much as post war historians have relegated nationalism to the past, much of humanity is still sustained by songs, symbols, built worlds and beliefs that harken from the world of nationalism, clanism and strong personism. Not to identify and employ the best, tempered aspects of nationalism in public discourse risks massive social upheaval if not destabilizing pushback. Leaders of good intent must, before it is too late, own this balanced political turf, now more so than ever. The extreme, desperately tragic, nationalistic manifestations that characterized harrowing events of the 20th century, need not be repeated. We know the consequences of inaction. We know what happens when nationalist aspirations are not addressed, let alone what occurs when social and financial inequity is not addressed. We know Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History: “…sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage…”.

We possess unprecedented insight by way of clearly recorded and much analyzed and reviewed events. We are more profoundly aware of and understand societal machinations. Such wisdom should be gathered in support of this seminal change in thought. Implementing DOSIP, although in concept it might not be appropriate in other contexts, is a way forward in this context for a better and happier IP and region, such contributing to a better world, a more stable world. We are in a post Westphalian landscape intellectually and in practice. It is not enough to announce the event glibly, citing the evolution of dynamic forces that have given rise to often remarkable and productive global corporations, NGOs, multi-lateral organizations, the internet and more, as if their macro presence negates the vibrant micro world of a thousand ancient pre[1]industrial, even pre-recorded history human rituals and core emotional values still very much in situ. DOSIP meshes these two worlds.

Being in a still emerging post nationalist space calls for new thoughts, new solutions. Financial considerations as a means towards settling strife, although an important component to peace making, very rarely trumps the political solution, such wed to and giving space to ancient emotions. The spicket of tradition does not simply turn itself off. Nationalist and post nationalist personalities and groups, together, must seek ways to provide expression to deeply held traditions that fuel and feed the souls and minds of humankind’s diverse communities, such necessitating that all of us, together, learn from them and glean from them the very best aspects of each tradition and culture, allowing such to thrive in peace and harmony, mindful that if we do not, the worst will emerge.

Let Dual Omni Sovereign ISRAELPALESTINE and the complex process-during which common ground will emerge-leading up to realizing it, be the fulcrum of a new way, the Omni way: DOSIP. The victims of the horrors of the 20th century, let alone those throughout millennia of history, call upon us so to do. The Angel of History beckons that we do so in all ways and places, the Omni way: DOSIP.

-—Christopher Hyland, recipient of a Saint Patrick Award for Peace in Ireland, was Dep.Nat.Political Director of the first Clinton Presidential campaign and Chair of the first Clinton Irish Conference. To foster peace he encouraged change in American Northern Ireland policy. Visiting Israel, through the Mandelbaum Gate, for the first time in 1964 he, in summer 1966, lived on Kibbutz Ein Dor. He visited, starting in 1964, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Dubai and Libya.

The Irish Echo published Hyland’s Dual Omni Sovereign Northern Ireland, DOSNI, in October, 2019.

(Photo Credit: Samuel Lahoz)