Every country has the right to cancel, amend and renegotiate harmful agreements.


With Ahtisaari’s plan, all the painful compromises conditioned by the democratic world to accept the independence of the Republic of Kosova had been made. The rights of the Serbian minority have been guaranteed by the constitution. The Hague International Court has confirmed Kosova’s right to independence after the Serbian genocide against the Albanians. This is the end of the Kosovo status talks, not the beginning.

The Serbian minority in the Republic of Kosova enjoys all human and national rights. It also enjoys privileges that no national minority has in any other democratic countries. It is not endangered at all. On the contrary, it is the Albanian people of the North of Kosova who are discriminated against. Many of them cannot return to their homes. It is the policemen and officials of the country of Kosova who are endangered by Serbian gangs that have infiltrated the region and are controlled and commanded by Serbia.        

         The grievances and claims of Kosova Serbs that they are endangered must be addressed properly and continuously. A State Commission with an international presence can be created and discuss issues with their legitimate representatives. This will allow appropriate parties to evaluate information and facts from the field about their situation, but also assess that of the Albanians. It is unfair and unnecessary to allow Serbia to interfere in the internal affairs of Kosova. KFOR and the Kosova Security Forces have the duty to not allow the blocking of roads with barricades and the obstruction of free movement of citizens.

         The same rights belong to the Albanians living in their ancestral lands of the Presheva Valley and Sanxhak occupied by Serbia. They too should demand the creation of pure ethnic Albanian association and fight for their human and national rights, protesting with various active peaceful methods. Reciprocity in all areas is the key to dealing with Serbia.

         There is no reason whatsoever for the creation of pure ethnic associations with executive powers in the multi-ethnic state of Kosova. None! This demand is baseless and dangerous. It only creates divisions and hatred between different nationalities. It is coming from the aggressive racist Serbian state with the aim of permanently destabilizing and destroying the Republic of Kosova. It is also against the policies and values ​​of western democratic countries. As such it is completely unacceptable.

         The agreement for the Serbian Association signed by the blackmailed and corrupt previous governments of Kosova has been rejected by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosova. International agreements are respected when they benefit both parties involved. It is not true that they must be implemented at all costs. Agreements harmful to the state can and should be annulled, amended and renegotiated. There are countless such cases from international practice.

         How many signed agreements are being respected by the Serbian criminal state?

         After Russian aggression in Ukraine, there is an increased commitment of Europe with the support of America, to find a solution to the conflict between Kosova and Serbia, created by Serbia. The problem is that Europe’s pro-Serb mediators have started the dialogue process backwards and are continuing it backwards. In their minds, clouded by the great desire to remove Serbia from Russia, the victim is equated with the aggressor, Kosovo’s right to exist is equated with Serbia’s desire to dominate, and organized Serbian hooliganism is equated with Kosovo’s right to protect itself.

The main culprits of the non-recognition of the Republic of Kosova and the endless continuation of the conflict with Serbia are:

  • The five European states that do not recognize Kosova’s independence with other supporters of Serbia in many European countries;
  • The dictatorial states of Russia and China;
  • The prime minister of Albania, Edi Rama, who sold-out with fellow politicians from other Albanian lands, such as Ali Ahmeti and Dritan Abazović;
  • The destructive opposition of Kosova and their supporters in the media;
  • As well as extremist groups of different religious beliefs in all Albanian Territories.

         With all these enablers on its side, Serbia has no good reason to recognize Kosova’s independence. They keep Serbs with hope and vain dreams that Kosova can be destroyed and the access to the Adriatic Sea can be secured. Therefore, their representatives openly and arrogantly declare that they will never accept independence. For this reason, the future of Kosova should not depend on Serbian recognition. Participation in the dialogue is necessary but if the dialogue is not changed it will fail as it has been until now

         Political and diplomatic cooperation with Europe is needed, while exposing their double standards and misused values. With America, consultation, cooperation, and continuous coordination of actions is needed. America values ​​true facts and substantiated information. The truth and just reality is on our side. Without America, nothing can be achieved or implemented. The dialogue with Serbia should be conditioned on the direct participation of America. Supported European-led dialogue by America is not enough.

         To the Europeans and all others, that may not fully understand the nuances of this issue, please know this:  The Serbian Church and the Academy of Sciences have been, are and will be a factory for planning crimes, while the Serbian state is an apparatus for their execution. With or without association, with or without recognition of Kosova’s independence, with or without joining the European Union, Serbia will continue to destabilize the Balkans and all of Europe. With their dark deceptive propaganda they have succeeded to create a crazy nation.

          Serbia can be stopped only by real economic and diplomatic pressure. It must be condemned, decriminalized and forced to choose between the democratic Western world or the dictatorial Eastern one. Kosovo has chosen its western democratic path.

         Prime Minister Albin Kurti and President Vjosa Osmani are capable leaders of world class. It is clear that until now they have chosen the path of glory in defending the rights of the people of Kosova. If they submit to pressure to the detriment of the state and the nation, they will lose popular support, especially that of independent voters in the country and the diaspora. Calls and perverted attempts to overthrow the Kurti government are in Serbia’s interest. This is the uncorrupt government of the majority of the people of Kosova. There is no need to make additional concessions to Serbia.

         This is not the time to accept harmful imposed agreements like Rambouillet and Ahtisaari. Kosova today is in a much better position than before and much stronger than Serbia.

         The Republic of Kosova must be developed and strengthened, while Serbia must be confronted until the western world understands the need for a fair and just solution. This is the only way to freedom, peace, security and national glory.

 *Member of the Executive Board of the Albanian-American Civic League