Illyria, the Albanian-American newspaper

Illyria was founded in June 1991, signaling the dawn of a new era in the history of the Albanians of America. Its proclaimed mission was to fight for democracy in Albania, the independence Kosova nd the transformation of the situation of all Albanians in the Balkans. From the viewpoint of Illyria, there is only one Albanian reality in the Balkans and Albanian lands can be divided by politics but not from history.
Upholding the legacy of Noli and Konica, “Illyria” became the voice and the diary of the new Albanian-Americans, a dynamic community, determined to rediscover itself and to contribute to the fortunes of the Albanian nation, in a world that was changing very fast.
“Illyria” is proud of its role during two of our most eventful decades of the Albanian history, with it nation-wide presence from Florida to Alaska, from the offices of Congress members and diplomats in DC to the desks of experts and American university departments.
And we are just warming up.

(In the photo above, Mother Teresa, the famous Albanian nun, with a copy of Illyria newspaper)