– Pocket book by Prof. Dr. Nusret Pllana and MSc. Agim Aliçkaj

         This recently published book is dedicated to the commemoration of glorious Epopee of the Kosova Liberation Army and the remembrance of hero and legendary Commander Adem Jashari and his family for their relentless fight for freedom of Kosova and the entire Albanian nation. The sacrifice of the Jashari family and other freedom fighters proved once again, that freedom is more precious than life and that the Albanian people will never submit to Serbian barbarians. Their bravery, resistance and sacrifice erupted the inexhaustible volcano of freedom, the flames of which engulfed the wild Serbian beast uprooting it forever from Kosova.

         Summarized in about 45 pages in a pocketbook format, the book titled “Never Forget”, provides an abridged glimpse into important details, data, photographic evidence and information of Serbian genocide against the Albanian civilian population (including women and children) over centuries.

         The main goal of this quick guide is to counter the lies, misinformation and fabrications of the Serbian deceptive Putin-like propaganda quickly and effectively.  To efficiently broadcast this important information to Western democracies, to influence the conscience of domestic and international politicians and diplomats as to not forget the crimes of Serbian terrorists and remind them not to bargain with Albanian lands and the statehood of the Republic of Kosova.

         The saying “Never again”, which is associated with the Holocaust and other world genocides, was uttered as a pledge to make sure that all those that have suffered these horrific atrocities would not occur in the world. Unfortunately, that did not come to be. It was shattered in Europe; in Kosova and the former Yugoslavia by the criminal dictator Milosevic in the end of 20th century; and today is now being broken in Ukraine by Russian criminal dictator Vladimir Putin. [KT1] 

         Russia has been and still is the greatest enemy of the Albanian nation and the entire democratic world. Serbia is its satellite. The similarity between Kosova and Ukraine is the occupation by dark hegemonic forces and the struggle for freedom of the attacked and oppressed peoples. A major difference is that the Serbian terrorist army committed its crimes in such a cruel fashion, with hate and pleasure, and with unprecedented tortures and massacres of the civilian population, including women and children. In Kosova, the aim was the total annihilation of the Albanian people and the grabbing of their lands, while in Ukraine, the aim is only the subjugation and annexation of the state.

         Russia must and will lose this unjustified war. Fascistic Serbia will sink with them.

         The book “Never forget” documents everything, simply and concisely. Its distribution started by being available to the interested deputies in the solemn meeting of the Kosova Parliament dedicated to the KLA Epopee. This also includes the government and other officials of Kosova, Albania and other ethnic Territories in the Balkans, various institutions and representatives of Europe and America, foreign embassies in Kosova, our embassies around the world and other important factors inside and outside the country. Prof. Dr. Nusret Pllana has successfully started its promotion in Italy.

         This pocketbook has the potential to become a powerful tool in the hands of Kosova representatives in confrontation with Serbia, especially those who participate in dialogue.

         Serbian atrocities will never be forgotten and cannot be forgiven by anyone. The Serbian criminals who caused these tragedies must be brought to justice. Serbia was bombed and expelled from Kosova to stop the genocide but was not convicted and did not apologize.

         The time has come for one of the main Russian supporters, Serbia, to be isolated, denazified and forced to choose between the darkness of the East and the light of the West. Kosova should urgently be allowed to join NATO, recognized by the remaining five European countries and the process of integration into the European Union should start immediately.

MSc. Agim Aliçkaj

         The creation of the Security Fund by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is more than appropriate. It must be supported and strengthened permanently, regardless of the state budget or NATO accession. The opponents of this fund can only be the cowards, the brash, the jealous, the angry, the sold souls, the traitors and the enemies of Kosova and the entire Albanian nation.

         Freedom, independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosova are sacred and the only guarantee that the Serbian genocide against Albanian people will never happen again.

MSc. Agim Aliçkaj