Diplomats and their sanctions come and go, the violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity is irreversible

From MSc. Agim Aliçkaj

Dear Prime Minister Kurti,

         You have chosen the difficult path, the path of state building and national glory. All the rest of us, who love our country with our hearts and understand the situation correctly, are at your service and your governance coordinated with President Vjosa Osmani and the Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca.

         The most important thing is to stay unique together and not lose the extraordinary support of more than 75% of the people of Kosova and more than 90% of Diaspora, especially here in the USA.

         The open injustice and undermining of the Republic of Kosova by European and American officials and diplomats has crossed all limits, it has become senseless, disgusting and unbearable. Their futile desire to take fascist Serbia from fascist Russia at any cost, at the expense of Kosova, has turned them into failed but dangerous politicians for Kosova.

         This Serbian deception and lie is being forcefully pushed by the American Ambassador in Belgrade, Christopher Hill, who has openly put himself at the service of the criminal Vucic. His apology for the bombing of Serbia by NATO to stop the Serbian genocide against the Albanians is against the decision of the American Congress and the interests of the American people. The connections of Mr. Escobar’s wife with Belgrade are very suspicious. While Mr. Lajçak is not a mediator, but a Serbian representative in the dialogue.

         As an American, I was filled with shame, watching the Serbian criminals sent to Kosova by the master criminal Vučić beat innocent NATO soldiers. Their beating with batons were slaps in the faces of Mr. Hill, Mr. Escobar, Mr. Lajcak and other diplomats who are flattering them. As an Albanian, I am disappointed and surprised with their efforts to justify the Serbian criminals, blaming you, instead of demanding their arrest.

         Their ultimatum to forcibly meet the conditions of Serbian bandits is flagrant interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Kosova and exceeds all diplomatic norms. You have already fulfilled the normal requirements, you have announced the early elections in the four municipalities and you have accepted the Ohrid Agreement as a whole. This is an extraordinary contribution to the de-escalation of the situation. Fascist Serbia does nothing for de-escalation, only makes conditions, and the international community calls this “constructive behavior”.

         The withdrawal of the special police from the northern part and the handing over of state facilities to Serbian gangs means a loss of sovereignty. Therefore, the security forces need to be increased until the criminals disappear, not reduced. The creation of any Serbian association as a precondition opens the way for endless other preconditions and leads to the destruction of the state. These conditions should not even be considered.

         Please draw an association without executive powers, based on the constitution of the Republic of Kosova, give the photocopy to Mr. Escobar and Lajcak and assure them that the implementation will begin within the framework of the agreement, after it is signed and accepted by fascist Serbia. And, let them know that the participation of the Serbian minority in the elections cannot be considered a concession, but it is a democratic obligation and privilege. At the same time, Serbian criminals should go to prison, not to elections.

         In the historic hearing in the US Senate, organized by the powerful Senator Bob Menendez, the Counselor of the US State Department, Mr. Derek Chollet officially admitted that the Serbian dictator Vucic and his regime are connected to organized crime in Serbia and northern Kosova.

         In Senator Menendez’s question why, even after a year of his asking, there is no information to guarantee that the Serbian association will not turn into a “republika srpska”, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eurasian Affairs and the Balkans, Mr. Gabriel Escobar, had no answer. His statements that the association aims to integrate the Serbian minority in Kosovo is an illusion or a deliberate deception.

         This hearing was made possible by the extraordinary commitment of the Albanian American Civic League led by historic figures Joe DioGuardi and Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi, the League’s Board and its many supporters. We will continue to lobby Washington even more strongly, for our just cause. To see the main part of the hearing you can click the link:

         Continue with public presentation of the facts documenting that Kosova is the victim and Serbia the aggressor, in the international and constructive press of the country. Speak none stop about issues only with facts and arguments, with skills and competence that you possess, such as democracy, well-being, respect for human rights, inclusion, equality, law and order, and Kosova’s pro-American orientation.

         Destroy the criminal Vucic with facts about the Serbian genocide, current Serbian criminal behavior, their support for Russian aggression in Ukraine and their pro-Russian orientation. There is a pocket book of Dr. Nusret Planës and MSc. Agim Aliçkaj, in which 200-year-old Serbian crimes against Albanians can be learned in just twenty minutes. Take it handy with you and use it as needed

         Expressing disagreement with diplomacy and respect on various issues with Western diplomats is your right and obligation, especially in closed meetings. Make it clear to them, that they cannot ask for concessions from you just to please the criminal Vucic, they must present and try to convince you with facts and arguments. Leave it to the rest of us, especially in the Diaspora to expose them, openly oppose them and criticize them by name, regardless of their position.

         We all love America with all our heart and forever, but if certain American officials in current positions, for different or geo-political reasons, harm the interests of Kosova which they themselves created, our answer must be absolutely NO. Not by our will. If they find a way to force us, it is their historical shame and responsibility. Freedom is freedom and cannot be considered a debt to anyone.

         We don’t need friendship with anyone if we have to cripple the state of Kosova. If a friend asks us to kill ourselves, we should not listen to him because he is no longer a friend. We are never allowed to step on the blood of 1,432 children massacred by the Serbian terrorist army, hundreds of thousands of civilian victims, thousands of martyrs and heroes of freedom led by the legendary commander Adem Jashari and his martyred family who gave their lives in defense of the threshold of the house and the Albanian lands.

         Diplomats come and go, along with possible sanctions, injustices, interests and their caprices. But, if the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state is violated, the damage is irreversible and permanent. Stand by your decision not to hand over the democratic Republic of Kosova to Serbian criminal gangs. You can only do this with a strong and well-prepared army and police. Serbia only understands the language of force.

         The Albanian-American community is very concerned and irritated beyond measure with the recent actions of representatives of the State Department. The effects of this anger will be quickly felt by American officials in the short term but also in the presidential campaign which has just begun.

         Demands for your resignation due to Serbian criminal behavior and the fault of others are absurd. You are working with wisdom, courage and dedication in dealing with fascist Serbia. Even if you wanted to, you have no one to hand Kosova over to. Most of the opposition of Kosova and Albania’s government headed by PM Edi Rama, as well as their supporters in the media are among the main culprits who have given and are giving courage to fascist Serbia to continue with aggressive actions in the hope of subjugation of Kosova.

         The fate of the country of Kosova and the future of the Albanian nation depends on your success. You will have a hard time for a while, but together we will make it. Justice may be delayed but it will prevail over injustice. Victory is ours.