‘Stoltenberg’s Messages, Clear Meaningful Signal for Anyone who Intends to Provoke Destabilizing Scenarios for Kosova and Region’

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomed Wednesday’s meetings between the Secretary General of NATO, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova, Mr. Albin Kurti and the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksander Vucic, prior to tomorrow’s meeting with the EU.

CAA notes that Secretary Stoltenberg’s messages are a clear and meaningful signal for anyone who intends to provoke destabilizing scenarios for Kosova and our region.

CAA calls on the authorities of Kosova and Serbia to renew their commitment in the framework of the dialogue, and to work decisively to reach a final agreement for the stabilization of political relations and mutual recognition between the two states, as the best premise for maintaining peace and security in the region and Europe.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors expresses its regret that the agreements reached so far between the two countries have not found the promised implementation, fueling the growth of mistrust and tensions against the purpose of this dialogue.

CAA emphasizes the importance of the revitalization of the dialogue that is taking place with the support of the EU and the US, and especially the willing commitment of both parties to reach a final agreement that would end the agony of insecurity and promote the progress of both countries and the entire region towards European integration.