The angry and true face of the Russian aggression

The question is: Will Russia respect the Court’s Order or will it unplug and cancel itself completely from the International law?



Remarks by H.E. Mr. Ferit HOXHA, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Albania

(Security CouncilBriefing – Ukraine, 17 March 2022)


Dear Colleagues,

Three weeks into the unprovoked, unjustified, illegal and deadly aggression by Russia, and the terrible facts are hardly surprising since anticipated, nearly to the detail: massive civilian casualties, mass graves, widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure, ruined homes, schools, and hospitals, lives blown away by bombardments; children dreams charred into smoke.

There is no need to describe this devastating situation. Yet, what we just heard, by top UN representatives – not by the so-called West hysteria –  is soul wrenching and coincides with the shocking media reports on the horrors of the war and the misery unleashed upon Ukrainians, for no reason.

I will maybe just recall the summarizing words of the SG when he said two days ago: “Ukraine is in fire and is being decimated”. Guess by who! 

Over 3 million refugees, in only 3 weeks, – more than the entire population of my country;

some 2 other million people displaced internally, some 12 million people affected in the areas hardest hit by the war.

UNICEF has evidenced that, since the start of the war, forced by this brutal aggression, every second a child has crossed the border of Ukraine.

SRSG Patton warns that abuse, risks for sexual and gender-based violence as well as for trafficking continue to mount amid wide-scale displacement.

Several appeals for humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians went unheeded.

Many people remain trapped in areas of conflict and, with essential services disrupted, are unable to meet their basic needs including food, water and medicines.

For the estimated hundreds of thousands who remain, there is simply nowhere to go. They can be killed even for queueing for bread, as it happened.

This is the angry and true face of the Russian aggression.

Mr. President,

The director of the WHO confirmed that there have been 43 attacks on Ukrainian healthcare facilities, infrastructure and workers since the beginning of the invasion, otherwise, two every day. There are, unfortunately nearly a dozen conflicts in the world today. Out of 89 attacks on health systems around the world this year so far, 43 have been in Ukraine. Therefore, attacking health care facilities and workers is becoming a tactic of war in Ukraine.

Nothing is being spared. First there was the maternity ward in Maripuol. Then a mosque. Yesterday Russians bombed the Drama Theatre in Moriupol, a shelter for nearly a thousand citizens who were not able to flee the city.

The word “children” in large Russian script was painted on the ground outside the theatre. Everything must be bombed.

Despite this grueling picture, the main news is that Ukraine is holding on, Ukraine is resisting; Ukraine in winning and Russia is deep in the mud: on the ground, morally, legally and internationally.

We know now that for Russia to win this mad war of choice, it has to Grozny the entire Ukraine; it has to Aleppo all its cities; its has to Maripuol everything.

And, even after that, we will be told again: C’est la faute à Voltaire.

Mr. President,

Ukraine won yesterday its 1st legal victory at the International Court of Justice!

ICJ, the guardian of International Law, ruled there was no evidence to support Russian claims that Ukraine was committing genocide in the Luhansk and Donetsk.

The Court called for immediate suspension of any kind of military operations by Russia and entities, organizations, or persons under its control.  

The question is: Will Russia respect the Court’s Order or will it unplug and cancel itself completely from the International law?

Mr. President,

Beyond the human tall, the infrastructure and residential deliberate destructions and the large-scale humanitarian crisis, there is another major crisis: the economic impact of the aggression:

UNDP warned that every day of delayed peace will accelerate a freefall into poverty for Ukraine.

UNDP’s projection released yesterday indicates that up to 90 per cent of the Ukrainian population could be facing poverty and extreme economic vulnerability should the war deepen. 

In the event of a continuing, protracted war in Ukraine, almost one-third of the population will fall below the poverty line and a further 62 per cent will be at extreme risk of falling into poverty within the next twelve months.   

It warned that 18 years of socio-economic achievements could be lost. This would set the country – and the region – back decades, leaving deep social and economic scars for generations to come.  

Who is this room or outside would believe a single word from Russia about SDGs, about Agenda 2030, because these terrible effects will not only be felt in Ukraine alone, but throughout the world.

Mr. President,

Russia, has proposed a text for a humanitarian resolution.

It is wrong; worse, it is a mockery of, a move worth of the Guinness Record of Hypocrisy.

Russia cannot shoot first and then come disguised as the doctor!

The only way to “minimize humanitarian consequences for the Ukrainian Population” is for Russia to stop its war, withdraw its troops and go home.

No one should get confused by a text just because it is called humanitarian, when the only aim is to provide cover for the war.

Colleagues: don’t fall for the new clothes of the Emperor.

The Russian aggression is naked!

Thank you.