The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the new Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Albania.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors organized a welcome lunch with the new Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Albania, Her Excellency Pang Chuxue, on the start of her diplomatic mission.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors congratulated the senior Chinese diplomat on the start of the mission in our country, wishing her success in further strengthening the communication between the two countries.

Referring to the early friendship between the two countries, we emphasized that there is a solid basis of tradition and understanding for more intensive and institutionalized exchanges in the field of economy, culture, tourism as well as in other areas of mutual interest. 

Albania has special appreciation for the achievements in all fields by the People’s Republic of China, and in the future, this appreciation will gain greater proportions if the Chinese diplomacy moves willingly towards the state of Kosova, taking practical steps that will potentially lead to its final recognition. An effective way would be to recognize the documents of Kosova.

Albanians are nation spread across several countries, we feel as one among ourselves, and we consider it very important when our friends and partners appreciate us without distinction regardless of geographical borders.

During the meeting, views were exchanged on important issues of foreign policy and especially the situation in Ukraine, as a result of Russian aggression, the possibility of achieving peace there and China’s position/role as a permanent member of the UNSC.