• Freedom cannot be negotiated – A message from the promotional tour of the pocket book “NEVER FORGET” in Switzerland


         The promotional tour for the pocket book “Never Forget” about Serbian state genocide against Albanians, by the authors Nusret Pllana and Agim Aliçkaj is continuing its journey with extraordinary success. This book was also translated into German “Vergiss Niemals” by Arlinda F. Çitaku. The latest promotion was professionally organized by the ensemble “Vatra” in Zurich combined with an impressive cultural program. The hall was filled with compatriots from Switzerland and the surrounding countries, and what also played was a documentary film about the Kosova Liberation Army, where the voice of the freedom fighter Nusret Pllana echoed from the bunker – THIS IS FREE KOSOVA SPEAKING.       

Throughout the event, there were several important messages and takeaways that the inspiring collection of speakers, dancers and singers provided that are important to remember: 

  • The genocide of the Serbian criminal state against the innocent Albanian people for almost two centuries was well planned and prepared, and also organized through the help of the Serbian orthodox church and the Serbian academy of sciences.
  • The macabre Serbian crimes were actually blessed by the Serbian church, especially the torture of women and children, which showcase the filthiest barbarism of all times.
  • Serbian crimes should not be forgiven and especially not without consequence.  Serbia and the Serbian criminals who are still walking free must be tried. The genocide against the Albanian innocent people cannot be forgotten. The demand for their punishment is not about revenge, but a sign of civilization and the duty of an organized lawful democratic state.
  • The hostile policy of the Serbian state towards Albanians and other neighboring nations, led by a potential criminal Aleksandar Vuciq has not changed. With misleading propaganda in schools, the media and all social and state levels, they have poisoned the Serbian people to have a collective hatred towards many other nations, with the majority having a hateful disdain for anyone outside of their country. 
  • Many European politicians and diplomats, as well as some Americans, still believe Serbian deceptions for their “victimization”. Others deliberately appease them, out of the desire and hope to pull them away from Russia. The recent agreement between these two aggressive hegemonic countries for coordination in international relations, shows clearly the failure of European politics.
  • With sick dictatorial states like Serbia and Russia, only pressure and confrontation work, never concessions and appeasement. They will never be satisfied with taking other nations lands and they will not stop without being forced. They need their teeth broken so that they are unable to bite. There is no other way.
  • The signed international agreements for them represent only a transitional phase for more demands. They implement them only if they are completely in their interest.
  • The Republic of Kosova is in a much better position than Serbia and there is no need to make any more concessions. Those government officials and politicians who agree to make additional compromises harming state interests are national traitors. Additionally these traitors and their supporters in the media who proclaim that Serbia should be given something, have completely sold out or represent the biggest fools of this century.
  • The justified and inevitable confrontation of the Republic of Kosova with the racist state of Serbia must be helped in all forms and with all democratic means by all Albanians in the Balkans and Diaspora. Lobbying activity in western democratic countries is very important. An excellent example, which should be promoted and supported, continues to be the Albanian American Civic League in Washington, with its branch in Switzerland, headed by Albanian lobbying legends Joseph J. DioGuardi and Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi.
  • Albanian national songs, dances and costumes, as presented in this magnificent concert, symbolize pain, bravery, generosity, dexterity, imagination, diversity, tradition and national pride.
  • The strategy for unified national positions and actions is necessary and very urgent.
  • All patriots are invited to unite against Serbians and other enemies, as well as the sell-outs in our Lands, to help raise the bright Albanian nation to the place of glory and honor it deserves.

The freedom, independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosova are sacred and cannot be negotiated by anyone.