Our just cause, shared strategic interests and lobbying activity in Washington make American support possible.

By MSc. Agim Aliçkaj

         America is the country of justice and democracy, guardian and guarantor of world peace. Created by the nations of the whole world, although imperfect, it feels responsible, aims and works with dedication in maintaining the world order.

         There is no doubt that America is the savior of Kosova, the light and hope of the entire Albanian nation. Our strategic interests largely coincide with those of the United States. America’s role, power and importance are clear. But, as a country created by all the nations of the world, even our enemies can have influence here. In order to block them, we must work with America constantly.

         Those who understand the American system know very well that America has its own national interests in the foreground. Politicians are only accountable to their own voters and the American people. American democracy functions impressively with two major parties and three branches of government, executive, legislative and judicial. Each branch has its own tasks, they cooperate with each other but also control each other.         

         For nearly four decades of intensive cooperation with America, Kosova has had extraordinary support, but also problems, especially with the executive branch, with officials of different administrations. Some influenced by Serbia, others for tactical interests of maintaining relative calm in the Balkans or leaving the competences to Europe. 

         It is interesting that many American ambassadors who have served in Belgrade have sided with Serbia, such as Zimmerman, Eagleburger, Montgomery, etc. It is obvious that even Ambassador Hill has started to have more understanding for Belgrade’s destructive actions, outside of normal diplomatic behavior. Serbia has always found a way to attract and influence foreign diplomats in different ways.

         A special case was Ambassador Grenell who, after the failed attempts to divide Kosova and destroy its democracy, turned into a prominent pro-Serb supporter. His agreement, signed in Washington, changed from a political one to one for the “normalization of economic relations,” was as strange and utopian as it was anti-Albanian. The American people saved Kosova from Mr. Grenell.

         Kosova got lucky again because it was recognized by Israel, which was in the interest of the Trump campaign and Israel for the establishment of the Embassy of Kosova in Jerusalem. Serbia promised the same, but never implemented it. Strangely, no one mentions it anymore, not even Mr. Grenell himself. Serbia breaks international agreements as it pleases and the internationals don’t care at all about it.       

         Unconditional submission to American and European diplomats is proclaimed by lazy politicians, the cowards, the naive, the fraudsters, the sick careerists for power and the traitors. According to them, America “knows and controls all our affairs, protects us and arranges everything for us”. It will even plant peppers in our gardens for us. All we have to do is to roast them and eat them, even if they are bitter. This for them is “permanent friendship with America”!

         It is not clear to them that America does not like crooks, cowards, criminals and corrupt politicians. It may use them to achieve tactical temporary goals and discards them as needed. It understands and respects, in the long term, those leaders who protect their freedom, democracy, national and state interests, who have a clear plan and strategy of action, as well as work diligently to achieve them. Criticism and disagreements are normal, usually temporary and changeable depending on the situation.        

         Some recent statements by US envoy Mr. Gabriel Escobar were vague and contradictory. His request for an Association that does not violate the Constitution and does not damage the functionality of the state of Kosova was fine, but it changed within a few days. Independent Albanian journalists should ask him and Ambassador Hovenier about the reason for this change and whether President Biden is informed about it.      

         Even the biggest fool understands that the demand for the creation of a pure ethnic Association with executive powers has nothing to do with the human rights of the Serbian minority. They have more rights than any other minority in the world. It is definitely against Kosova, with the aim of destroying the country. It is also against the proclaimed European and American multiethnic values.         

         The statement of the American ambassador in Belgrade, Christopher Hill, that “he regrets that Serbia was bombed” is reckless and undiplomatic. It rehabilitates the Serbian state and helps it continue with criminal activities. It is also against the American national interests. The impersonation of former ambassador Grenell is not befitting a diplomat appointed by President Biden.           

         He knows very well that the decision to bomb genocidal Serbia was made democratically with the approval of the American Congress. Moreover, he and all those who try to use America’s power to take unjustified actions and support wrong causes, must understand that there are limits to it. America has the strength to defeat fascist states like Serbia and Russia, but not to subjugate peoples who fight for freedom, justice and democracy.        

         The support of the American people is essential for decisions of vital US interest. Mr. Hill, American diplomats and officials must justify their actions before the US Congress. An example of dealing with such officials is the work of the Albanian-American Civic League in Washington, led by lobbying legends Joe DioGuardi and Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi. This great work is well documented and can be learned through the “” website.

         Ultimately, there is no need for blind, unconditional submission to America. Consultation, cooperation and permanent interaction are needed. Opposing views must be argued with facts. Disagreements should be expressed with respect, without fear, and in closed meetings. Our just cause, shared strategic interests and lobbying activity in Washington make American support possible. This is true friendship with America. This is the only way to save and strengthen the country of Kosova.      

         Europe is very complicated. Composed of states with different interests, with different nations and religious beliefs, it is stuck with many problems, with pronounced injustices and prejudices against the Albanian people. If it weren’t for America, Russian would be an official language in Europe.

         The constant appeasement of Serbia, the tolerance for threats of war, the open support for vandalistic, criminal and terrorist actions, as well as the pressure from Europe on Kosova to accommodate Serbia, joined by vague contradictory statements of some American diplomats, are unfair, wrong and have become so disgusting.

         Europe’s desperate attempts to pull Serbia away from Russia at the expense of Kosova are a waste of time. It will not happen even if they give them, not only Kosova, but also half of Europe.     

          Serbia is a criminal, fascist, racist, chauvinist and hegemonic state, just like Russia. It is completely controlled by Russia, sickened by hatred for Albanians and other nations around. Kosova, the Balkans and the Europe are lucky that Serbia does not border Russia. Surrounded by NATO countries, has no capacity to trigger another frontal or occupying war.             

          The barricades are means of exerting pressure on Kosova. They are also KFOR’s failure to perform its task of maintaining order and peace in the Balkans. Claims of Serbia and Europe that they are tools of peaceful protests are ridiculous.          

         Consideration of the Serbian request for the return of their terrorist forces to Kosova and the reluctance to reject it by KFOR is also a form of pressure on Kosova. They must understand that any Serbian soldier or policeman in the territory of Kosova, with or without the permission of KFOR, will be considered an enemy and will be fought with all possible means.

         Allowing Serbian criminals to return to the scene of the crime is unacceptable. It will resurrect Commander Adem Jashari. The Kosova Liberation Army, which still exists in the minds and hearts of every Albanian, will rise again.      

         The Republic of Kosova, led by President Vjosa Osmani Sadriu and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, in confrontation with fascist Serbia, is defending its freedom and right to exist as well as western democratic values. All decisions and actions so far were measured and fair. Best possible in dealing with the devil. There were tactical but not strategic concessions, which could harm the functioning of the state. This must be continued and pursued with strength and determination.

         Recognition of Kosova’s independence is impossible until there is real pressure on Serbia. The European-led dialogue is a failure, unfair and wrong, designed only to accommodate Serbia. Kosova has no choice but to participate in it, but it should not expect any good results and should not sign any final agreement that does not include mutual recognition. Period.

         Those who trumpet that Serbia must be given something in order to have a final agreement and that the north “is lost anyway”, are the biggest idiots and losers of the twenty-first century. This is not the way to reach a final agreement with hegemonic Serbia. After every agreement reached with compromise and concessions, there will be new demands until Kosova is destroyed completely. The north will never be lost as long as the Serbian army is not allowed to set foot there.        

         Serbia must be stopped and its teeth must be broken so that it cannot bite again. There is no other way. Only the strengthening of the police, special units and the army of Kosova will stop its aggressive actions. NATO forces can prevent the frontal war, but Kosova itself must deal with the Serbian and Russian illegal, criminal structures in the north. They must be gradually neutralized before they are able to commit criminal acts again. It is easier not to allow barricades than to remove them by force. The support of the security fund is of vital importance for freedom and independence of Kosova.

         In addition to security and military defense, corruption must be fought, the building of the economy and social services, democracy and the functioning of the state, the boycott of Serbian products, the reciprocity of rights, the return of Albanian families to the north, the punishment of Serbian criminals, the return of the forcibly missing, war reparations, fighting deceitful Serbian propaganda, infiltration of diaspora in Western institutions, increasing lobbying efforts in America and elsewhere, combating religious extremisms, reducing youth immigration, increasing birthrates, and strengthening families.

          It is about time for the opposition of Kosova to correct its mistakes of the past and align with the government in the confrontation with Serbia. Only in this way they may gain the support of the people, otherwise they will be out of power for decades to come. Media and politicians of all Albanian territories should do the same. It is the last moment for Albanian PM, Mr. Edi Rama to turn his back on criminals Vucic and Putin and join the struggle of his nation and the democratic world for a better future.

         Cooperation with the self-proclaimed proven enemy of the Albanian people, hegemonic Serbia, in any form and manner, is national treason.

         With national strategy and joint efforts of all good patriotic Albanians, the final victory over fascist Serbia is certain.