– Mr. Rohde is sensitive to the Nazi crimes of 8 decades ago, while the Serbian chauvinist political class boasts of its crimes without care from some international representatives or Albanian villains

         The concern of the honorable German ambassador, prompted by the long overdue plan for the restoration of the house with architectural values ​​of the Albanian patriot Xhafer Deva is understandable, although it was unnecessary and does not correspond to reality.

         My comment to him on Twitter:

         “Please do not worry, Mr. Ambassador. The Albanian people understand the Holocaust better than anyone. They have suffered a version of it, made in Serbia. The so-called “cooperation” of Mr. Deva with the Nazis is that he rescued every Jew who made it to the Albanian lands. The Nazis were for him “a necessary evil” to fight the Serbian occupation and the communists who killed 50 thousand Albanians. I am proud of the fact that my father, Arif Aliçkaj, helped Jews fleeing Serbia and other countries.”

         Serbian chauvinists, Titoists, neo-communists, the uninformed, worthless historians and analysts sold to our enemies have risen like vampires trying to tarnish the national image of Xhafer Deva.

         But take it from my father, whose sincerity and words carry great weight and value, who as acting Secretary of the Municipality of Deçan during 1943-44, in collaboration with the savior of the Jewish people accepted by Yad Vashem Arsllan Rezniqi , took a direct part in the Albanian nationwide efforts to save the Jews. He said that Xhafer Deva was an ardent, educated, wise and brave patriot, whose ideal was to fight and oust the Serbian occupier, to oppose Serbian-Russian communism, to save and unite the Albanian nation.

         Xhafer Deva, like Shaban Polluzha, could not be deceived by Serbian or Albanian communist partisans. He had instilled fear in the Serbian terrorist, chetnik and partisan forces. His “cooperation” with the Nazis, including the meeting organized by them with the Serbian chetnik Kosta Peçanac, was formal, only to please the Nazis, working and acting on the other hand only for national interests. He did not obey the Nazis’ orders to surrender the Jews. For this, he was supported and respected by the Jews and was taken under protection by the American government until his death.

         Nazism, to which only communism is close, is one of the greatest evils of mankind. It was the German national disaster. The German nation has repented and apologized hundreds of times for Nazi crimes, punished the perpetrators and assumed the consequences. Its representatives are consumed with conscience and fight against fascist ideas to this day, sometimes exaggerating unnecessarily as is the case with Ambassador Rohde.

         On the other hand is the uncivilized Serbian state, whose representatives do not accept the genocides and do not apologize to the Albanians and other peoples of the Balkans for the crimes committed by their generation, with the direct participation of many of them. They openly and shamelessly celebrate and glorify war criminals by building monuments to them and putting their names on the streets and squares.

         Some of the international diplomats and mediators seem undisturbed by the inhumane behavior of the Serbs. They, even after numerous failures in the dialogue, continue with absurd demands and pressures on the uncorrupted and independent national government of Kosova, led by President Osmani and Prime Minister Kurti, to make additional concessions to Serbian chauvinists and criminals.

         In support of the barbaric Serbian enemy are also lining up few rogue Albanians, opposition politicians, journalists and sold-out analysts, including the current Prime Minister of Albania.

         All of them together are increasing Serbia’s appetite for further theft of

Albanian lands and making it almost impossible to resolve the conflict in the Balkans. Four genocides and other Serbian crimes against Albanians cannot be hidden and will not be forgotten.

         There is no force in the world that can take away from the people of Kosova their freedom gained through blood and countless sacrifices.

Agim Aliçkaj