Why I am endorsing Fernando Mateo in the Republican primary for Mayor of New York City

Fernando Mateo, the Republican candidate for Mayor of New York City in the forthcoming June 22 Republican primary election, stands, due to the freshness, and pragmatic nature of his vision for the City, nearly alone in the ever smaller group of New York political leaders whose positions are characterized by balanced, in good measure, pragmatic views, ones unencumbered by rigid dogma, or by the exegesis of excessive, stultifying political correctness.

He is a self made businessperson who began installing rugs as a teenager, and now has diverse interests, paramount among them one of the most remarkable restaurants in New York City. He fervently believes in the promise of each person, in the promise of New York City, and in the promise of America. An unabashed Trump supporter, his commitment to New Yorkers is that he will, among other efforts: champion education in charter schools, while also strengthening public schools; train young New Yorkers through corporate, NGO and civil service mentor programs; stem the exit of big business from the City while respecting and strengthening bed rock small businesses; respect and embrace New Yorkers of all backgrounds and all life styles, and support all civil servants, among them those in New York’s fire, emergency services, and law enforcement, allowing them to fulfill their duty to curb fire, serve the ill, and maintain law and order, doing so with dignity and respect to all citizens.

Mayor Mateo makes sense for New York at a decisive moment in our history, one that, with his delft leadership in play will greatly contribute to assuring a better future. Mateo matters to that future. Endorse and vote for Mateo in the June 22 Republican Primary. 

Christopher Hyland 

-—Christopher Hyland, recipient of a Saint Patrick Award for Peace in Ireland, was Deputy National Political Director of the first Clinton Presidential campaign.

(Photo Credit: Samuel Lahoz)