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A Pyramid’s Life

A short story by Iva Gjoni It was said that it was similar to the pyramid of Cheops. They built... »

Rob Belushi follows father Jim and uncle John in family business with TV show

  By Associated Press CHICAGO — The name on Hollywood audition lists and casting sheets must be unmistakably eye-catching: Rob... »

Illyria newspaper and the Albanian-American community celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kosova’s independence

  Hundreds of Albanian-Americans gathered at Pasha Events in Manhattan on Saturday February 16th to celebrate the independence of Kosova.... »

Ani Gjika’s world is animate, almost Ovidian

Her metaphoric, metamorphic imagination roils the poems to an intensity that the tone keeps pressing back down   By Rosanna... »

Kosova President Says Independence Is “Irreversible”

By RFE RL (RFE/RL) — President Atifete Jahjaga has said in a televised address that Kosovan independence was “irreversible” and... »

John Kerry, Secretary of State on Kosova’s National Day

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to send best wishes to... »

17 of February 2008 did not come easy, but has made its way in history

Remarks at the Gala dinner organized by Illyria Newspaper to commemorate the Fifth Anniversary of the Independence of Kosova  ... »

Kosova celebrates 5 years of independence

The Associated Press PRISHTINA, Kosova – Ethnic Albanians in Kosova celebrated the fifth anniversary of their declaration of independence from... »

Roundtable in Albania on fiscal priorities

Experts invited by IMF and World Bank advised for initiating fiscal consolidation in the near term   A roundtable was... »

US President Barack Obama congratulates Kosova on its 5th anniversary of independence

US President Barack Obama has sent Kosovo a message of congratulations on progress made in terms of democracy, reform, and... »

Albania, Italy, Greece sign pipeline agreement

ATHENS – Italy, Greece and Albania signed on Wednesday an agreement backing a plan to build the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, part... »

Albanian appeals court reduces jail sentences over munitions factory blast that killed 26

By Associated Press TIRANA, Albania — An Albanian appeals court on Wednesday reduced sentences for several top defendants convicted in... »

Albania consider lower bidder in oil-and-gas sale

The Associated Press Authorities in Albania say they are considering a (EURO)298 million ($402 million) bid from China-based Win Business... »

The March for Chameria

By Ilir Ademi The Balkan Peninsula is ethnically and linguistically one of the most complex areas of the world. Within... »

The Making of “Right to Love”, with the Albanian-Canadian director Paul Kurti

Interviewed by Ermira Babamusta, New York   How did the film come together? I received an email from Amina Zhaman,... »

Berat is everywhere – memories of rescue and survival in face of tragedy

The number of victims was fewer, even microscopic by comparison, the massacre of children, in a public school, in Newtown,... »

Court clears two Albania state guards of protester deaths

An Albanian court acquitted two state security guards Thursday on charges of killing four people during a 2011 anti-government protest,... »

ONUFRI, the most prestigious publishing house in Albania

After the fall of Enver Hoxha’s monument in Tirana’s main square, I looked through my grandfather’s personal library and found... »

Ken Biberaj corrects a street name, earns NYT’s attention

Candidates running for City Council rarely interest a major newspaper like The New York Times, but Ken Biberaj’s efforts to... »

John Kerry – An inspiration, a mentor, and an exemplary leader

Interview with Guljed Birçe, Office Manager and Policy Advisor on Foreign Relations in the Boston-based staff of former US Senator... »

Kosova Case

Humanitarian Intervention or Competing for Vital Interests   By Cafo Boga Introduction It is a widely accepted notion that the... »

Ken Biberaj shows leadership on controversial homeless shelter

Upper West Side has a long tradition of hospitability, but it is also determined to safeguard the hard-earned right of... »

Albania cuts rate 25 bps to historic low as inflation falls

Albania’s central bank cut its benchmark refinancing rate by 25 basis points to a historic low of 3.75 percent, saying... »

A Very Simple Answer

By Alexander A. Arvizu, U.S. Ambassador to Albania Albania celebrated its 100th anniversary in November. It was a time to... »

EU will not allow reintroduction of visas

By Tanja Fajon A decade has passed since the Thessaloniki Summit, which firmly confirmed the European agenda for the Western... »

Attacks on Sufi mystics warn of wider Islamist carnage

In nearly all the Arab revolutions in North Africa and the jihadist offensives that followed them, incursions against Sufi shrines... »

Statement of the Albanian-American community on the recent development in South Serbia

The Albanian American community is deeply concerned with the deterioration of the human rights and the rising tensions in Presheva... »

The 2nd Inaugural Celebration from the Capitol Hill

Special events were held in Washington DC to commemorate the second Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. The National Day of... »

Letters from an immigrant: Vasil Gjoni (1948-1989)

He climbed the barbed wires on an August night. His goal was to be on the other side of the... »

Martin Luther Day in Vlora, Albania

Martin Luther King Day has become a traditional annual celebration for American Corner Vlora. This year the American Corner Vlora... »