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Berat is everywhere – memories of rescue and survival in face of tragedy

The number of victims was fewer, even microscopic by comparison, the massacre of children, in a public school, in Newtown,... »

Court clears two Albania state guards of protester deaths

An Albanian court acquitted two state security guards Thursday on charges of killing four people during a 2011 anti-government protest,... »

ONUFRI, the most prestigious publishing house in Albania

After the fall of Enver Hoxha’s monument in Tirana’s main square, I looked through my grandfather’s personal library and found... »

Ken Biberaj corrects a street name, earns NYT’s attention

Candidates running for City Council rarely interest a major newspaper like The New York Times, but Ken Biberaj’s efforts to... »

John Kerry – An inspiration, a mentor, and an exemplary leader

Interview with Guljed Birçe, Office Manager and Policy Advisor on Foreign Relations in the Boston-based staff of former US Senator... »

Kosova Case

Humanitarian Intervention or Competing for Vital Interests   By Cafo Boga Introduction It is a widely accepted notion that the... »

Ken Biberaj shows leadership on controversial homeless shelter

Upper West Side has a long tradition of hospitability, but it is also determined to safeguard the hard-earned right of... »

Albania cuts rate 25 bps to historic low as inflation falls

Albania’s central bank cut its benchmark refinancing rate by 25 basis points to a historic low of 3.75 percent, saying... »

A Very Simple Answer

By Alexander A. Arvizu, U.S. Ambassador to Albania Albania celebrated its 100th anniversary in November. It was a time to... »

EU will not allow reintroduction of visas

By Tanja Fajon A decade has passed since the Thessaloniki Summit, which firmly confirmed the European agenda for the Western... »

Attacks on Sufi mystics warn of wider Islamist carnage

In nearly all the Arab revolutions in North Africa and the jihadist offensives that followed them, incursions against Sufi shrines... »

Statement of the Albanian-American community on the recent development in South Serbia

The Albanian American community is deeply concerned with the deterioration of the human rights and the rising tensions in Presheva... »

The 2nd Inaugural Celebration from the Capitol Hill

Special events were held in Washington DC to commemorate the second Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. The National Day of... »

Letters from an immigrant: Vasil Gjoni (1948-1989)

He climbed the barbed wires on an August night. His goal was to be on the other side of the... »

Martin Luther Day in Vlora, Albania

Martin Luther King Day has become a traditional annual celebration for American Corner Vlora. This year the American Corner Vlora... »

Dilin Bitici, carrying on the tradition

Dilin Bitici is only 18 months old but he us already carrying on the Albanian tradition of his family. Here... »

Albania governor calls for deeper European integration to fight crisis

Address by the Mr. Ardian Fullani, Governor of the Bank of Albania, at the China-Europe Economists Symposium on “China-Europe economy:... »

Albanian opposition holds memorial march

TIRANA, Albania – Some 3,000 supporters of Albania’s main opposition Socialist Party have held a peaceful march to honour four... »

Kosova’s leader rules out autonomy for Serbs

By Nebi Qena Fifteen years ago, Hashim Thaci and Ivica Dacic were locked in an armed battle over the future... »

EBRD’s €12.7 million investment to upgrade the safety of Albania’s HPP dam

January 18th, 2013 – With over €180 million invested in improving Albania’s power sector operation to date, the EBRD has... »

Serbia admits losing sovereignty over Kosova in platform for negotiations

By Associated Press BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia on Sunday adopted a set of guidelines for reconciliation talks with the leaders... »

Albania to cancel grid license amid power cuts

The Associated Press TIRANA, Albania — Albanian authorities say the license held by a Czech company to operate the country’s... »

Three US Ambassadors and their love for Albania

Transcript of Interview with Ilva Tare, Tonight on Ora News with U.S. Ambassador Alexander A. Arvizu, Former Ambassador William E.... »

Photographed in memory

(On Joan Collins and Albania)   By Ruben Avxhiu Fadil Berisha, an Albanian-American photograph of global reputation, had this week... »

Albania – A Poem

I learned about the poem “Albania” by chance. Eduardo C. Corral, the winner of the Yale Series of the Younger... »

The Life and Work of Albanian Intellectuals: Jul Bonati

When thinking about tragedies, one would undoubtedly ask why innocent people die or how can one murder another because of... »

The Day of Albania

Flags with a black two-headed eagle on red background could be seen waving today on Times Square.   By Ruben... »

CIP names Murat Muftari of Michigan as new U.S. national director

In this photo: Murat Muftari after an overnight mission pursuing foreign terrorists, Baquba, Iraq, Spring 2006.   By Stephen Schwartz... »

Illyria, the Albanian-American newspaper

Illyria was founded in June 1991, signaling the dawn of a new era in the history of the Albanians of... »

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