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The Sound of that Honest Pledge

These are three of the 56 total signatures found on the United States Declaration of Independence. They belong to very... »

The Power of Football Diplomacy: Transforming nations, uniting cultures

Arben Cici, Professor of International Relations, Mediterranean University of Albania  In an era marked by global connectivity and dynamic cultural... »

From Skin Care to Mental Health, AFC summer event showcases holistic approach 

Rafaela Prifti  Albanians Fighting Cancer (AFC USA), a Boston based advocacy group and patient care service non profit, hosted its... »

NATO wrapped up its largest exercise in decades #SteadfastDefender24

Exercises are important tools through which the Alliance tests and validates its concepts, procedures, systems and tactics. More broadly, they... »

At Noli Film Festival, Curtain Goes Up Today with Movies and more on the Program

Rafaela Prifti Twenty seven productions, three days, one roof – Noli Film Festival is a free event with registration, that... »


 – The Serbian association as a precondition before the final agreement is an attempt to impose Serbia’s control over Kosova... »

U.S.-EU Coordination Mechanism on Information Integrity in the Western Balkans

Following the U.S.-EU Trade & Technology Council Ministerial held in Belgium last month, the U.S. Department of State and the... »

Noli Film Festival (NFF), a pioneering event celebrating Albanian cinema in the United States

The inaugural Noli Film Festival (NFF), a pioneering event celebrating Albanian cinema in the United States, will take place at... »

Serbian Propaganda Factories Boost Support for Moscow

As Serbian media outlets stoke support for Russia across the Balkans, the West must challenge Belgrade’s disinformation. (Repost from the... »


We are surprised by the recent positions of French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, who are prepared... »

Donald Leka – CEO, Founder of Jumptuit – Next Level in Forecasting Global Events

Rafaela Prifti In case you missed it, Data Correlation Engine Jumptuit, an AI-scenario forecasting company that focuses on detecting probabilities... »

What Is Behind Serbia And China’s ‘Ironclad Friendship’?

BELGRADE — Chinese President Xi Jinping’s rare European visit this week is being widely regarded as Beijing’s attempt to present... »

The First Building Bridges Program Launched by Albanian American Bar Association, Noli Library and Cultural Center

Rafaela Prifti Six Trailblazing Albanian-American Judges shared insights and experiences of their legal careers last night at Suffolk University Law... »

Kosovo is more qualified than Serbia

By Daniel Serwer – April 17, 2024 Serbian MP, Simonovic Bratic: “This is the downfall of Europe that once a... »

Wiltshire rescue volunteers to take on final training in Kosova

After two years of training, 10 volunteers with a Wiltshire search and rescue charity are almost ready to help out... »

Latvian Minister Says Proposed NATO Fund For Ukraine Would Show Unity Within Alliance

By Olena Abramovych Repost from: https://www.rferl.org/a/latvian-foreign-minister-ukraine-nato-fund-unity/32892072.html BRUSSELS — Latvia’s foreign minister says a proposal to create a 100 billion euro... »

Double down on success, not failure

By Daniel Serwer – March 20, 2024 Kaltrina Kamberi (@ThisisKaltri) transcribes the key piece of this as: “Of course you... »

Trump Son-In-Law Kushner Plans Luxury Projects In Albania, Serbia

By Amra Zejneli Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former U.S. President Donald Trump, has disclosed plans to develop luxury projects... »

March 8th: A Journey from Mother’s Day to Women’s Rights in Communist and Post-Communist Albania

By Entela Sula Growing up in a communist country, March 8th has always been the “Mother’s Day” for me, my... »

Sara Nezaj can’t wait for the future to happen

An interview with the 13 year-old Albanian-American basketball prodigy, who has already received her first offer from a university and... »

Takeaways from the New York Premiere of Documentary Film “Bekim Fehmiu”

Rafaela Prifti The New York premiere of feature documentary Bekim Fehmiu on Saturday night at Producers Club Theaters paid tribute to the... »

The United States and Albania: NATO Allies and Close Friends

Fact Sheet: State Department – Office of the Spokesperson The United States has been a strong partner and friend to... »

Time to turn the policy around

By Daniel Serwer Kosovo PM Kurti on the Banjska terrorist attacks: You noticed today that Mr. Vucic mentioned Serbs being... »

Migrants in Italy Could End Up in Albania if New Deal Passes

Thousands of migrants rescued in international waters by Italy can be sent to Albania, Albania’s Constitutional Court announced Wednesday. Albania’s... »


The year 2023 was overloaded with news and events – some of them shocking – political, diplomatic and military, inherited... »

Buta Biberaj Discusses Motivations and Possible Options in Exit Interview with Ilir Zherka

Rafaela Prifti Former high-profile Democratic prosecutor in northern Virginia Buta Biberaj, a strong proponent of progressive justice reforms is open... »

USNS Trenton (T-EPF 5) Arrives in Durrës, Albania

By USNS Trenton Public Affairs DURRES, Albania  –  Military Sealift Command (MSC) Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport USNS Trenton (T-EPF 5) arrived in... »

NATO, U.S. Consult With Warsaw After Apparent Intrusion Of Russian Missile Into Polish Airspace

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said he spoke with Poland’s president about indications that a Russian missile entered Polish airspace on... »

VOA News Executive Elez Biberaj Retires After 43 Years

WASHINGTON — For a generation of Albanians, there is no more precious memory than that of a rally attended by some... »

Serbian Opposition Protests Belgrade Election, Claims Nonresidents Voted

BELGRADE — Hundreds of opposition protesters took to the streets of Belgrade on December 18 after the city’s election commission... »